Power Saving

The power saving is at your service of the day, and it is not for less. In order to be able to contribute our sand granite it is not necessary to make great things, in fact, with small gestures in our daily routine we will be able to save great amount of energy. How? Then putting in practice the advice who expose themselves next. In order to begin, it is necessary to take advantage of to the maximum the light the day. This is done putting curtains that let pass the light in the room, so that this is illuminated, but at the same time the privacy is preserved.

In addition, something that also aid is the use of clear colors in the decoration of the room, since it causes that the light of the day is reflected. To put a light point specifically it also needs where it contributes to the power saving, since this way it will have illuminated only the zone that needs. For example, it puts a light upon the sink of the kitchen, so that while it mops the plates do not have ignited the light that illuminates unnecessarily all the stay. Something very modern at the same time as useful they are light regulators and the movement sensors or are present at. Of this form, with first it will be able to have the amount of light necessary to carry out his task; and with the sensors, the light will only ignite when it notices the presence of somebody, saving therefore a great cost of unnecessary light. It changes incandescent the fluorescent lamps by compact, since of this form it will save around a 50% of energy in which to the cost by illumination one talks about. And it is that the compact fluorescent lamps use only one quarter of the energy and last more up to 10 times. Something very basic, but that people often usually forget, is to extinguish the lights when it leaves a room.

Repsol Management

The group Sacyr Vallehermoso, ally with state company Mexican PEMEX to try to give a turn to the management of Repsol, reunites to its Advice of Administration today to analyze the pact of action syndication that allows to both companies the control of 29.8% of the capital of the oil Spanish. The call takes place after the past Friday a meeting of the executive commission in which the restlessness of at least two of the main shareholders of Sacyr Vallehermoso, Demetrio Carceller was shown and Juan Abell, by the circumstances was held that surround the operation. The request of explanations to president of Sacyr, Luis of the Rivero, would have forced to this a to summon an extraordinary meeting of the control element that, in principle, was predicted that day 30 was celebrated of September. Source of the news: : Of the Rivero it is explained today before his partners by the plan for Repsol.


Introduction: Initially an analysis of the literary production becomes necessary on the optics of the woman. Since the decade of 60 it has a search for discovering and divulging the tradition of feminine writing, to reevaluate the image of the woman in literature and to value the experiences of this of the individual and collective point of view. For in such a way it appears to the critical feminist who understands literature with the intention of counterpoint to the cultural tradition and part of the beginning of that a compensation is necessary, that balances the place of the masculine and the feminine one in literary history. Such critical one is understood more as revision, of what critical method. One of the basic points for this boarding is the differentiation between sex and sort. Second (BLOND, 1997) the sort is not understood as absolute primordial identity, but as culturally acquired data, that follow the changes of the proper culture. This critical position drift of the reflexiva conscience of women who had dared if to detach in more distant centuries. History sample that is of long date that they come if submitting to occupy places predetermined for the men.

From the movement feminist the women had started to say what they are in a process of redescoberta, reevaluation and continuous and intemporal construction. She had a rescue and the valuation of the feminine look on the masculine description-literary tradition. Such ranks allow to say that the critical feminist brings the questioning concerning the construction of great texts of the culture occidental person for having been written for men and to present a vision of the world from a masculine point of view. Studies on this subject demonstrate that appraised texts most of the time present the woman-as-object or to woman-as-the-other. In accordance with (BONICCI, 2009) when thinking about the paper of the woman in literature we perceive that it is used aesthetic in the great literary compositions only as vehicles for the growth or salvation of the masculine protagonist.

Municipal City

The installations functioned in the building of the CEFET in the Av of the Wire, Try. In 1999 the 2000 in partnership with the City hall of Valena in attendance necessity of investment in the formation in academic level of the professors and municipal teachers was inaugurated program UNEB. The first group of pedagogia formed for program UNEB 2000 concluded the course in 2002. In 2001, the regular group of the Course of Pedagogia School company concludes and glue degree in the CEFET in the external area of the Building having the presence of diverse civil authorities and politics of Valena. In 2001, it is installed FACE College of Educational Sciences, offering to courses of pedagogical, superior formation Normal, formation in docncia, participating actively of the academic formation, Directed for Mr. Drio Loureiro, proprietor and Director. Also in the year of 2001 the FAZAG- appears College Zacarias de Ges with offers of superior education in particular level investing in the academic formation the level enterprise, agricultural, tourist and commercial.

The first Director of the FAZAG? Mr. Jonildo Gilson. In 2002 the UNEB offers to its first course of after-graduation in methodology and Didactics of Superior education. The coordinators of the course were Maria Jose Mariano and Sergio Hereira. In 2005 the UNEB Moves to the Building of the old College Pablo Freire in the Street Ceclia Meireles. In 2006 the UNEB started to offer the course of Right. 2007 in the management of the Teacher Diotilia Rangel, City department of Education of the City of Valena, in set with the City council of Education elaborates the Municipal Plan of Education of Valena ( as PME, 2008. P.

9)? In 2008 Public Archive of the Legislative one is approved the Municipal Plan of Education (, 2009. In the year of 2008 the secretary of Education counts on 611 professors of these 579 is teachers and 32 professors, this represents that approximately 95% of the faculty are woman. The current data reaffirm the massive presence of the woman in the rows of the education of Valena? In 2009 the number of school in the public scope is: 10 of the State public power. In the Municipal theatre, 134 being 95 in agricultural zone and 39 zone in the urban one. , and innumerable particular schools. In 2009 the UAB (Open University of Brazil) in Valena is implanted. All the bibliographical data cited and interviews, as well as texts, laws, pamphlets, photos and all and any documentary source are available in the Archive of the City council of Valena-Ba, in the Memorial space of the City council of Valena approved and created through 15 municipal law of n 2012 of September of 2009.

Milton Sorotta

Invoicing of e-commerce in Brazil It does not consider the aerial sales of automobiles, tickets and auctions on-line.’ ‘ Table 1.5 notices impressive the increasing one of the invoicing of e-commerce in Brazil. In 2001 the country invoiced 0,54 R$ Billion in web, and seven years later, in 2008 I deal, it electronic of Brazil already invoiced R$ 8,20 billion, what it demonstrated the viability I deal of it electronic. The Forecast for the year of 2009 surpasses 10 billion Reals what it almost represents a growth of 1000% in electronic commerce in Brazil in only 8 years (to see Graph 1,1). Graph 1.1? Evolution of invoicing of e-commerce in Brazil Source: And-Bit – Compilation.Consumers of the Internet in Brazil Consumers in the Internet in millions As Table 1.6 is possible to identify that internautas Brazilian more products through the Internet see buying each time.

In 2001, only 1.1 million of Brazilians the net consumed products using. In 2007 the Brazilian consumption through web is perceived that, more than had an increase of 800% in relation the 2001, what it understands 9,5 million new consumers. 1,5 In agreement GOOGLE available information in the sites: The Google is one trocadilho of the word ‘ ‘ googol’ ‘ that he was invented by Milton Sorotta, nephew of the American mathematician Edward Kasner, to assign the number represented for 1, followed of 100 zeros.

Meeting Guideline

Dynamics of presentation of guideline of N meeting of participants: 10 the 30 the ministrante will have to pass a box with some incomplete phrases (it can be a music, verse, parlenda, dictated popular or a subject that will be placed in guideline after the dynamics as form to leave the intent participant to the subject that will be boarded, a form of contextualizar the dynamics to the meeting). After all to have I catch its slip of paper, will have to complete the phrase written in it being given its to seem. Who will not be able to complete or for not knowing or not wanting, it will have to pay one arrests. To the end, the ministrante will have to give its to seem to the boarded subject. OBS.: The dynamics will serve to integrate the participants to the guideline that to desire to treat in the meeting. It will be interesting that the content of the box corresponds, that is, is contextualizado to the subject of the meeting.

Homepage Vasily Pupkin

In this small article we would like to discuss painful for every beginner webmasters issue of promotion of their resources After all, as sometimes happens? The man worked hard, made a beautiful or may even be something more serious, but the existence of this masterpiece but himself and his neighbor on lesnichnoy site and no one guesses 🙁 (On the counter of visitors – zero. It's a shame! "But to be offended no one – in order to drive the visitor to Your site needs a long and laborious work (you know how many resources are now in the internet – the likelihood that someone will get it on your site is close to zero). So what is needed for a successful promotion? These tricky word certainly has all the ears you buzz? What are simple sequence of actions on promotion of the newfound site? Action note, it is available for an average user to Runet! (Although there may be a little bet: if you managed to make the site; want it to be separated from the gray mass of 'dead' sites-by-night – not that you are an ordinary user! 🙂 But it's true, by the way!) So, first of all need the site itself. And a carefully selected topic of the site. Than the original subject, the more visitors you will have. As you can imagine – Homepage Vasily Pupkin few people interested, but if your site is about something exotic such things, which in RuNet there just might couple, or maybe not there – then hold the pocket wider


According to IBGE (2000) esteem of that 71.5% of the city Brazilian account with service of urban cleanness and that the garbage is deposited in lixes and that given of the UNICEF in 1998 existed about 45 a thousand child and adolescent living and working in these environments. In accordance with documentodo Ministry of the Environment (experience of participativa management of the garbage, UNICEF, 1999). Many children been born in lixes are son of parents who live and live in lixes, helping the parents to catar packings, to separate to periodicals and cardboards, to load packs, to feed pigs etc. Many unfed and displayed the illnesses, about 30% had never been the school, the garbage are its classroom, its area of leisure beyond its ealimentos source of income. One of the main reasons of set of ten or hundred of trabalhes in lixes spread for the country he is reflected of a socioeconmica situation, resultant of baixssimo escolarizao level as well as not the professional qualification and me the income distribution. In this aspect the organic residues are they or a world-wide concern did not become, a good example is the atomic question. Where to store the garbage produced for the nuclear plants? This is only one of the questionings that take in them to reflect this problematic one. The garbage: What we can make to minimize this problem? Which alternative the proposal? One of the alternatives very important to minimize the question of the garbage is the instruction of the population with educative campaigns, so that the residues are separate previously of the recoverable materials, for this the education are a pillar in the viability of the projects, beyond constructing a new vision on the compatible garbage with the world-wide reality. Of a bigger point of view we perceive that during much time the serious problematic a of the garbage was not taken compromising biomas, ecosystems but also proliferate the transformation of the society that consequent increases it the production of good of form consumption to take care of the society with new technologies and superfluous.

Offer Cultural

September 19 arrived in Madrid the fourth edition of the night in white. A series of free artistic and cultural manifestations and for everyone, will again take place in the capital in a night of insomnia in which everyone can dream awake. La Noche en Blanco allows us to rediscover the city and let us surprised by everything he has to offer. Madrid part since 2006 this initiative held in several European cities, Brussels, Rome, Paris, Madrid and Riga, which began in Paris the year 2002 (Nuit Blanche). The main objective is to familiarize the public with the creation and contemporary artistic languages in a festive and participatory manner: Madrid Center free of traffic and art is absolute protagonist of an event that offers free cultural heritage to all citizens. The new edition of La Noche en Blanco in Madrid will take place on Saturday, September 19, in new moon. This year, the schedule is organized around three different sections: an open program which collects proposals from institutions, enterprises, collectives and associations of the city; Circuits organized by disciplines and by local creators; A program curated that includes major interventions and proposals in the city. This year the white night has as leitmotif gift: artistic creation understood as a gift for which participates in it.

Every work of art implies a relationship between creator and audience. According to the curator of this year’s program, Rafael Doctor, in a world whose material structure wobbles, the necessity of art is imposed as a sustenance of warranty of our own life and emotions. The range of activities is completed with the Organization’s extraordinary visits to spaces that are normally closed or have restricted access to the public. Rediscover Madrid in this special night. LateRooms.com offers a variety of hotels in Madrid for all tastes and pockets. For example, the Salamanca hostel, with room for 60, or the Hotel Vincci Capitol, 126 Double room. Original author and source of the article.

Modern Drying Equipment

Drying equipment (drying equipment) is a series of mechanical equipment combination which is processed by certain technical means. Its main purpose is to dry the materials surface moisture or other liquids. The currently popular drying technologies are mainly UV drying, drying, drying and hot air drying these four kinds electromagnetic infrared. They all have their own characteristics, and are all widely used in all kinds of machineries and food drying equipment. The application of the modern dryer (dryer) machine: This equipments are mainly used to dry the materials which have certain humidity or coexistence in ore process, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments.

The rotary dryer adaptability materials are strong, which can be used to dry various kinds of materials (including the other sectors), and the equipment is simple operated, the performance is reliable, therefore, it is widely used in industry. Features of the modern dryer machine:? computer automatic control, the operator can configure the different drying temperature and drying time according to the drying requirements. high efficient radiator, and equipped with a reasonable argument duct, so that the hot air can contact with each other directamente, this greatly improve the efficiency, and save the energy. large diameter inlet, it is convenience to feed and discharge the pipes material. The plush collection network area is large, and it is not likely to cause the plush blocked, protect the smooth flow of the air duct, which greatly improves the efficiency of drying. adopt the downstream drying, smoke and wet material are entered the dryer together from the same side, we can take advantage of the high temperature flue gas to get the high evaporation intensity, the thermal efficiency is high too. the dryer machine achieves zero level of thrust, greatly reduces the wear and tear of riding wheel block, the cylinder works smooth and reliable.

the anti-overload of the dryer machine is high, the capacity is large, fuel consumption are low, the drying costs are low. new internal structure, strengthen the role of the cleaning and thermal conductivity to the materials which have been dispersed, and eliminates the cylinder wall support phenomenon, the adaptability to the material moisture, sticky things are better. the dryer machine adopts the aligning roller-type device, makes the roller and rolling ring are linear contact with each other forever, thereby greatly reducing the wear and power loss. Mobile crusher: Rotary kiln: