When analyzing Marx and Comte we perceive two ideologies in divergence, fits in them to choose the one that more in them is favorable. In the theory he is as soon as functions, but in the truth the Brazilian citizen did not have such autonomy until the end of the military dictatorship. Some until had, […]

Use Software

The project is divided in processes and segmented in activities, where these activities possess values of stated period and consequementemente of costs. To finish, the cost in the SCRUM is supporting for: number of iterations, period of these iterations and involved amount of people (s) in the project. CONCLUSION During the development of the present […]

Teach Through

Then, the necessity exists of that the professors search examples of geometric concepts that can be identified in the classroom or the domnios of the school, as, for example, to identify the point of meeting between two competing straight lines showing it as the point of meeting between two walls. This aspect of the teach-learning […]

North American

Carl Sagan was one of the most famous and recognized North American artonomos, his books and theories in particular his book Cosmos would be translated and interpreted in many languages Grancia in all their successful approaches on important topics like the origin of life on our planet, the creation of the universe and extraterrestrial life. […]

June Great

Authors: Carlos Humberto Biagolini? UNIVERSITY GUARULHOS? UnG; Carlos H. Biagolini Jnior? FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF YOU CULTIVATE? UFLA, Cristiane B. Cangani – UNIESP SUMMARY: The Araucrias is typical plants of the regions south and Southeastern of same Brazil and in these regions, is restricted the specific points, generally higher in relation to the level of the […]

World Cup

Just as soon as he was expelled from Podolsk. The reason – proximity to Moscow and inability to conduct large-scale construction works without prejudice to the road situation within a radius of 10-15 kilometers from the city. So what remains of 12 cities that could host the matches of the 2018 World Cup. But now […]

Bipolar New

Either way right? So it is when it happens, but this doesn’t really matter when we are happy to have 365 new opportunities be and do everything that we have achieved to imagine. Really I wish you all the success that this new year dear reader you is deserved. By my side only added to […]