OCS Energetics

And the aspirations of Putin have crescents reality bases. In the first place in the reconstruction and centralization of the same internal structure of the Russian bourgeoisie and the State that Putn, through a regime with inherited authoritarian forms of the KGB, has culminated successfully. Turning the political weakness of years ago into the first indications of strength. And secondly one economic recovery, that is not other people’s to the reconstruction and political centralization, and that uses like main letter the enormous Russian power resources. Very interesting to consider what indicates uce.es, that behind the aggravated discussion on the security energetics celebrated in Saint Petersburg, movements hide basic that threaten varying the geostrategy substantially world-wide energetics. For the USA the control of the production and energy distribution has been the pillar, and not less important, of its hegemonic system. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mitsubishi by clicking through. Through the relations of dependency on the main producing countries, and the military control on the distribution routes, Washington has exerted east paper during decades. But, like other aspects of the international situation, the irruption of China is affecting substantially the traditional favorable power balance to the USA.

The movements of China to make sure a stable power provision essential to maintain its levels of growth, next to a Russian Renaissance that uses its condition of superpower energetics like global letter, or the irreductibilidad of strategic actors like Iran, is creating more and more worrisome a power horizon for Washington. The last movement in the power board constitutes a good example of this tendency. Within the frame of the OCS, Russia and Iran reached an agreement by which the Russian giant Gazprom second company world-wide energetics after Exon- became position, contributing financial and technical endorsement, of the Russia-Iran-India pipeline. The union between Russia first world-wide natural gas producer, and secondly of petroleum after Saudi Arabia and Iran with the second world-wide reserves of petroleum and gas supposes the creation of a power pole that would control 43% of world-wide the natural gas (a number near 60% if we united the ex- Soviet republics to him).