Too Large

Inside of this context the company in study presented two types of distribution: direct and the indirect one. The direct distribution if of the one for the exit of the product s and the Retailers (to see figure 4). Figure 3. Direct distribution With the necessity not to lose the definitive contact with the retail, […]

Customer Business

The success of an organization depends on its customers. Without customers there is no business, it is the part that engages the mechanism of supply and demand… If not meets the needs and desires of customers the Organization will have an ephemeral life. All strategies and efforts should be directed towards the satisfaction of the […]


Go ahead of others, requires more than they see. Jose Marti generalities and considerations is a determining factor in the current reality of the active behavior of firms in the current scenarios, innovative proactivity that should undertake the management and human resources, in order to ensure competitiveness, keep active, enthusiastic consumers conquered in everything that […]

BSE Shares

They noted the depreciation and were opposed. Several of failure paralyzed administrative acts channeled to privatization. Another attempt now in head, Antanas Mokus, successfully, for the redsail would begin in 2001. In this phase actions of the district membership is not billed, is emanated and placed new shares. And sign the statement of good management […]


In its dialogue with anjinho, the Doll continues saying that: ‘ ‘ I think that all the calamities of the world come of language. If the men did not speak, all running very well, as he enters the animals that not falam’ ‘. (Memories of the Emlia, p 20). It is not something The Hayzlett […]