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Inside of this context the company in study presented two types of distribution: direct and the indirect one. The direct distribution if of the one for the exit of the product s and the Retailers (to see figure 4). Figure 3. Direct distribution With the necessity not to lose the definitive contact with the retail, therefore the economic scene and the market in a general way can taking in to only take care of them retail, as already we made before, have direct done deliveries the consumers who repass our material to the call varejinho, or better, (sales dripped), however, this attendance and made with all our infrastructure thus having a raised cost more, but that it represents about 20% of the total invoicing of the company, therefore a market that cannot be rejected either for economic or strategical questions. Figure 4.

Indirect distribution the indirect distribution represents about 80% of the invoicing and is made through our center of distribution as thus they are shown in the figure above, the compact disc s is supplied daily in accordance with its> differ so great and localization in accordance with. 2 – Vehicles of delivery vary generally with the size (, the small truck if puts in charge deliveries to them in the urban centers) and the truck biggest makes the deliveries to the deliverers. 3 – Streets when it has estacionamentos in the great customers ok, but ha of being seen the question of the customers who do not possess parking and if localization in the express ways or forbidden places to park. 5 – Passage the script has fort influence in the times and speeds, as well as in the accessibility convenience. 6 – Load. Its forms determine the shipment easiness and unloading. 7 – Drivers stated periods must be respected e, for each delivery, are stipulated an average time. In the case of some unexpected one, the good communication between the driver and the base if make essential.

The good training is basic. 8 – Porters to take the load, are essential to diminish the time of discharge in the place, nor always have man power in the delivery places 3.3.2. Logistic net of distribution As much the logistic one of supplements how much on physical distribution they depend, for its good one> conceptualization and implementation, of the correct representation and analysis of the NET. What it comes to be logistic NET? It is the space physical representation of the points of origin and destination of the merchandises, as well as of its flows and too much excellent aspects, of form all to make possible the visualization of the logistic system in its. The reader can ask: why the representation of the net is so important? In the truth, the net concept can be abstract: a set of us (points of origin or destinations) that they must be taken care of through linkings (half of existing transport) in the preset amounts.