Holy Trinity Monastery

Location, how to get there. Holy Trinity Monastery is located in the north of the city Alatyr, founded in the XVI century. To treat the monastery six temples in operation, the main temple at the center of the monastery, its height reaches 45 meters. The boundaries of the area surrounded by high walls. Currently, the […]

Classical Style

Plumbing in the classical style. Plumbing classic. It is always relevant in our bathroom. Leaving their design into the stories, nevertheless remains a classic to this day the most requested part in the performance of design. You must agree that most of the factories producing sanitary ware in the performance of their collections always involve […]


A product is recognized by its quality, utility and efficiency, but You recognize how it? , it is verified that a person chooses its product following the label, just as everything, the first impression is the one that counts, depends on how the product shines, a person is decided she buys if it, or no. […]

Important Mineral Production

On July 16th, the Ministry of Land and Resources has released Notice on the Investigation and Evaluation of Important Mineral Production. The Notice requires scientific evaluation of the level of mineral resources and the rational exploitation of mineral resources while establishing an Investigation and Evaluation Database for some crucial minerals. Actually, on July 14th, the […]

Mountain Bike

Munhos and Jniors (2004) comment that the physical activities of adventure in the nature (AFAN) had been classified by Betrn (2003) in five divisions leading in consideration the intrinsic and extrinsical characteristics: Physical environment, related to the way where the activity happens: Air, Land and Water; Personal environment: related to the personal emotions, sensations and […]

Organic Olive Oil

Oil is not the same oil: best organic olive oil wanted! Nassereith / Munich, December 20, 2012. What is a high-quality olive oil and how can you distinguish it from an inferior? A real extra virgin”olive oil tastes slightly bitter and spicy, smells of freshly mown meadows or Apple and banana, and Shimmers green golden. […]


Yes, blogging and earning online like me hooked hard. So much so that I plunged into this thing and even dragged behind him others. That started even order paper paper journals. Print, even some fees are paid. Attention blog readers offer one of his new paper articles. Please do not spit – the material was […]

Current Status Quo

What are the advantages of latest generation cables bring HDMI, an interface, was drawn in 2003 by the industry for the fully digital transfer of audio and video data in the consumer electronics. HDMI means “high definition multimedia interface” and is one of the standard on current home theater accessories. A HDMI allows the transfer […]

President Zelaya

I have put on alert the Venezuelan armed forces, he warned. Chavez warned that if its Ambassador in Honduras is assaulted or the Embassy is taken we should act even militarily. Further details can be found at Brian Armstrong, an internet resource. This military junta that is there would be de facto entering a State […]

Aluminium Experts

EQUAL to aluminium, one of the world’s leading producers of precision plates invited on September 20 to the first ALUMINIUMtag. Kaltenkirchen, September 2013: Aluminium equal, one of the world’s leading producers of precision plates invited on September 20 to the first ALUMINIUMtag. Over 100 guests from home and abroad enjoyed an informative day with interesting […]