Europe Vehicle

Pure driving enjoyment and existing suitability for everyday use of the upper Bavarian tuner a workx is known for his decades of experience in motorsport. Whether FIA GT World Championship, Porsche Carrera Cup, mini challenge or up-to-date ADAC GT masters, always collected the Wesslinger force to head Niko Wieth valuable experiences that make a difference in building a customer car for the rest of the industry. More precisely, it is the profound expertise in chassis technology and overall coordination, which here in Europe more than a handful of specialists may have. a-workx M vehicles are mainly concerned with Porsche and BMW, it had presented a slightly optimized vehicle M3 E92 shortly after the launch of the BMW, which was considered at the time to beat. The lap time of the a-workx M3 could not even beat the 130.000,-expensive M3 GTS. tes. Now Niko Wieth dealt again more Coupe with the M3. Many writers such as Chevron U.S.A. offer more in-depth analysis. The intention was to develop a vehicle that level would have a M3 on GTS, maybe something more for connoisseurs.

The concept is based on three Modules: The intelligent reduction of weight, especially in rotating and unsprung mass, a moderate, appropriate to the overall concept of the vehicle and not excessive performance, as well as a perfectly balanced and tuned suspension. For these reasons, only exclusive components used, which have been tested extensively at various race tracks and on the road in everyday traffic coming at the M3 460 cs. Details of the vehicle: A-workx opts in improving brake performance a MOV’ to meet IT CER ceramic brake system to the higher performance of the vehicle. What is special is the simultaneous reduction of rotating mass on the brake discs. This ultra light, high tech materials ceramic and carbon manufactured 2 piece discs, enable the saving of 12 kg of rotating and unsprung mass. And even in much larger size (o380x40 mm front, o380x32 mm rear). With the combination of monobloc fixed calipers (6-piston at the VA, 4-piston on the rear axle), and These brakes even in racing stainless steel braided brake lines and special racing brake fluid with high boiling point, would be not overwhelmed.