The Choice Of Summer Tires

The threshold is rapidly selected summer, green trees, from warm returning birds. Nothing changes only for the Russian motorist – for winter tires he was going to ride until at least September, and the maximum – before the first crash. The idea to buy summer tires do not even come to mind – save it! […]

Summer Earth

The presence of 18 luminaries can more clearly divide the year in natural times. For the northern hemisphere: I Winter (23.12 – 13.3). During the reign cold – a dream of nature in anticipation of light and heat. 1. Pluto 2. Neptune 3. Uranus 4. Saturn ii Spring (14.3 – 13.5). Period of the awakening […]

Summer Skin Care

Summer comes into its own and begins the traditional holiday season. We all know how destructive the sun affects our skin, most importantly at this time not to forget the vital protection of skin from the sun with special cosmetics. SPF30 sunscreen with a designed for daily use, it is well absorbed and leaves no […]

San Juan

A separate paragraph deserve the routes of the wine in San Juan, a journey forced for all visitors of the Cuyo province. Thanks to this tour you’ll discover the fertile mountains and their parrales, in addition to discovering the oldest wineries of the area, along with those more modern, equipped with the latest technology and […]