San Juan

A separate paragraph deserve the routes of the wine in San Juan, a journey forced for all visitors of the Cuyo province. Thanks to this tour you’ll discover the fertile mountains and their parrales, in addition to discovering the oldest wineries of the area, along with those more modern, equipped with the latest technology and an impressive productive infrastructure. Along this walk you will have the opportunity to learn about the care of the vineyard, the processes that are conducted for the elaboration of the wine and, logically, delight in the most emblematic wines of the region, inviting him to be part of a universe of unexplained sensations. Among the alternatives in the open air which provides the province of San Juan is the unique Valley of the Moon, located a little more than 300 km. of the city, with an extension that surpasses the 60,000 hectares. This place stands out as one of most important spaces in the area, recognized by the capricious formations presented there, such as the fungus, the Sphinx and the submarine, among others.

The National Park he Leoncito is also an emblematic site for the region: located on the foothills of the Sierras of Tontal West, 30 Km of Barreal, this place preserved samples of important biomes of saws and Holdalls, Puna and high Andean, together with archaeological sites and points of incalculable historical value. In conclusion please enjoy the peace and tranquillity that give away the hot springs and spa de Pismanta, recognized as one of the most important sites around the world thanks to its therapeutic virtues. Onsite you will find water complex mesothermal, sulphated, alkaline, detoxifying and able to reach 42 C, becoming a space of must-see for all travelers who suffer from rheumatic problems or different skin conditions. For those who seek pleasure through relaxation, we advise you to test the mud facial and body therapy, massage with seaweed and Scottish shower, among other natural treatments that will help you leave behind the everyday worries and stress.