In this context, the culture is had as science: to have culture is to have knowledge and to have knowledge is to have capacity of to take care of to the material and individualistic production. This model of school, technical established in the conception of natural sciences, finished safeguarding for ones few the domain of […]

Park Mobility

Improvement of the frequencies of the train of closeness Guadalhorce C2, C2 station parking area fitness. Extension of line 1 of Metro Malaga until PTA expansion of the C2 commuter line to PTA improve the connection with Churriana to decongest the highway towards Malaga access direct to the PTA from autovia de Guadalhorce A 357 […]


The best-known forms of self-employment are far from getting chances of achieving economic independence, since this term means being in possession of the control of your money but also your time. The concept of self-employment means used yourself or give job to oneself. But what possibilities does a person of power self?. Today, all!. Allow […]

Security System

Classification of hazard levels and installation of load instructions increase security in dealing with shelf systems in almost every company there are storage rooms. So there is no chaos in them and the items needed are found quickly, the various shelves are used. Bottom shelves, break-in and pallet racks or cantilever racking allow a clear […]

Robert Fleuter

You justified this with the so-called exhaustion principle in copyright law, in connection with the Vetriebsweg of the downloads which lead not to an exhaustion of the distribution right and therefore not a free resale right in the subsequent transferee chain. First, the Court strengthened the interests of the trade and the number in July […]

Eco-friendly Packaging Warehouse – Ratio Form Logistics Center Receives DNGB Silver Certificate

Award for the logistics of packing dealer Ratioform: Pliening. The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Nachhaltiges Bauen – DGNB e.V. has ennobled certificate with silver finished building the summer last year. The certificate was awarded on 7 October during the fair Expo in Munich real 2013. The logistics centre of Ratioform in Pliening near Munich is considered […]