Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Under the motto ‘Reading the World Reading for a better World’ the publishing and literary scene in Hong Kong on the 24th round of the HKTDC Hong Kong Book met from 17 to 23 July 2013 fair. Under the motto of reading the World Reading for a better world”met the publishing and literary scene in […]

Hans Kolpak

Entrepreneurs also believe in the fairy tales of useful credit, because the so-called economic growth interest and compound interest covers. This is wrong. It is correct that a person pulls the other money out of your pocket. Growth does not occur. When buying more DVDs, VHS sales goes back. For more clarity and thought, follow […]

Robert Fleuter

You justified this with the so-called exhaustion principle in copyright law, in connection with the Vetriebsweg of the downloads which lead not to an exhaustion of the distribution right and therefore not a free resale right in the subsequent transferee chain. First, the Court strengthened the interests of the trade and the number in July […]