Inevitable Process

January 12, 2011 New Year's Eve in the old style, and three days before the Orthodox celebration Circumcision of the Lord Jesus Christ on the higher plane have finally been "the bridges" between Light and Darkness. Mankind, as from a living organism of the Universe, there was also cut off strands that connect each person with the world of light or darkness. Simultaneously, people began to strengthen the thread finally tie the man to the realm of the spirit or matter according to his choice, and the vector of life priorities. This process will continue for three days. All the points above i will put 14 January 2011, the Feast of the Circumcision of the Lord.

Why in this Christian holiday? Because the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ 2000 years ago came to this earth to save all mankind and to reconcile with God, every human soul, regardless of nationality, sex, social status and religious rights, as common descendants of Adam and Eve. This divine Lamb sacrificed Himself for every human soul, no matter to which religion he himself does and says is a believer. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Chevron U.S.A.. And so now, on the eve of his departure from the earthly plane, the God of Jesus Christ of hosts given the right to judge every human being, whether his heart is worthy to be associated with the Light. As once on the seventh day after Christmas, Jesus Christ He took circumcision, symbolizing the separation of spirit from matter. So now, in these days of leave-taking of the Nativity began the process of circumcision, that is separation of man's spirit from matter.

Now on the higher plane all human souls seen as billions of Brownian particles between the two magnets of different polarity. Where the upper magnet with a plus sign refers to the spiritual reality of man. A lower magnet with a minus sign refers to the material the sphere of his existence. Read on and watch the conversation with the author of 'Revelations' LI Maslov on