Los Angeles Times

After the event on Youtube, the video was shown on several television programs and highly commented by funny scene. Given the success of visits and generated noise, they now offer the DVD of complete wedding for $9.99 on their official website become film even with your own trailer. The video has more than 2 million […]

Application Manager

In the field of personal care, central data storage in combination with the introduction of employee self service could lead also to a significant process improvement. A personnel optimization can be through the use of a suitable software solution supports a but on the other hand in the long term and sustainable the company implements. […]

Organic Wastes

The Governments of the Federal District and the State of Mexico found by signing an agreement whereby shall undertake to provide resources and infrastructure so joint for properly handling waste. Eruviel Avila Villegas, Mexico State Governor, said during the delivery of trucks and compactors for 83 municipalities that the Convention is to receive up to […]

Use Organic Cash

Every day more increases the consumption of organic products in the population and you ask and why? According to organic foods are those agricultural or agroindustrial products that are produced under a set of procedures called organic, and which are aimed at obtaining more healthy food with the protection of the environment through the use […]


Is taken into account, that before the development, effective operation of firms in increasingly competitive markets, due to globalization and the growing demands of customers, the quality management has become an essential pillar of any new business strategy. Long-term, only companies which are able to resolve the apparent dilemma between the high quality of its […]