Hans Kolpak

Entrepreneurs also believe in the fairy tales of useful credit, because the so-called economic growth interest and compound interest covers. This is wrong. It is correct that a person pulls the other money out of your pocket. Growth does not occur. When buying more DVDs, VHS sales goes back. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Leo Schachter Diamonds and gain more knowledge.. It is a change. It is irrelevant whether 7 billion or 19 billion people or more live on the Earth.

The mendacity of the prophets of the growth is based only on the theft of underdogs and the exploitation of the weak. This phony economy system is maintained by an elite of liars and scammers who will benefit financially. Stop the cows that are milked, and the uneducated recognize no correlations. (A valuable related resource: Chevron). They submit to their fate. Only when the consciousness developed for these natural conditions on this planet in the consciousness by more and more people, even the poorest of the poor cease to hunger and thirst. Whether an elite Executive daily 10,000 euro every day or only 5,000 euros to make a living, is marginal. It is and should be always poor and rich. But the poor should you decent coming out have – no matter how this is defined.

Such a human society to stop distribution wars. You will find new ways to deal with and to develop. Sources: 1 enl.fid-newsletter.de/public/read_message.jsp?tsp=1261981830599&custid=6083&uid=2071098369&sig=EMMMOJKGKMLMCDLF&mid=200153834 freelance copywriter acts as Hans Kolpak since 1999 on the Internet, to gain more public social and political topics in the German-speaking world. Since 2008, he writes for customers presstexts and distributes them via Fachdienstleister on the Internet. Design of Web sites he helps its customers unique competitive advantages through DAO, the digital asset optimization: text, images, movies, news, XING, yasni, facebook, twitter and intensedebate. Concrete statements about societal challenges and binding opinions on political issues maintain the public appearance of companies and institutions, authorities and parties: public effect: public action: contact: public effect com Hans Kolpak to the FIR 12 26349 jade 04454 979720 04454 979721 press contact: Hans Kolpak Hans Kolpak Hans Kolpak to the FIR 12 26349 jade 04454 979720