Summer Earth

The presence of 18 luminaries can more clearly divide the year in natural times. For the northern hemisphere: I Winter (23.12 – 13.3). During the reign cold – a dream of nature in anticipation of light and heat. 1. Pluto 2.

Neptune 3. Uranus 4. Saturn ii Spring (14.3 – 13.5). Period of the awakening of nature with the increase of sunlight and heat. 5. Jupiter 6. Mars 7.

Summer Earth iii (14.5 – 11.9). Period of intense sunlight and heat. Rampage of the life of nature. 8. Luben 9. Sveten 10. Yarylo 11. Slaven 12. Ladaria 13. Radunets iv Fall (12.9 – 11.11). Period of calm nature, after the execution of her duty. Thanks and farewell to the sun. 14. Zolotar 15. Listunets 16. osenets V (12.11 – 22.12). Period the full nature of sleep until the next spring awakening. 17. 18. Zimohod Names in Svetoyare. All names of luminaries connected with the Sun (Yarylo), its planetary system, planet Earth and its seasons. 16 lights – male kind, one – the Earth – the feminine one – Yarylo – neuter. The names of winter and spring lights correspond to the names of the planets of solar system in the Russian transcription. The first – the coldest luminary years – Pluto is named honor the very cold and distant planet. Followed by a beacon in the sequence correspond to the names of the planets closer to the sun, its light and heat, which is consistent with the increase of light and thermal regimes for lights of winter and spring.