Marcel Proust

I have only changed. Therefore, everything is cambiado” Marcel Proust With love, ” We do not try that the things change if always we do the same. The crisis is the best blessing than it can happen to him to the people and the countries because the crisis brings progresses. The creativity is born from […]


A product is recognized by its quality, utility and efficiency, but You recognize how it? , it is verified that a person chooses its product following the label, just as everything, the first impression is the one that counts, depends on how the product shines, a person is decided she buys if it, or no. […]

South Africans

National park Kruger Is the boundary of greater hunting of South Africa with a similar surface to the province of Cceres. In him have been slumses of 1″ 5 million years a.C. Others including RioCan , offer their opinions as well. One of its great attractiveness is that they are possible on foot to be […]

The Program

If this is so that you pass upon his first two then sales you you can wish to try the passport to the abundance. The following company I will say to him that around league of Liberty is called. You will receive a set of CD three, a work book, the newspaper to write inside, […]

Two Summits

Wednesday the governors of France and the United Kingdom also met in London and in Recife those of Brazil and Venezuela. In both appointments they remembered reinforce to his respective economic blocks (Mercosur and the EU) and develop to common works pro-energy (Venezuelan-Brazilian refinery in Abreu of Lima and South-American gas pipeline and more plants […]

Neurolingustica Programming

To learn this ability is a key step to change and to improve your life, and exist these specific techniques of Neurolinguistica programming so that you can obtain it. Then Imagnate, if you could dominate the power to speak handling the tone of voice, your corporal language, your gestures, your glance, your language and you […]