South Africans

National park Kruger Is the boundary of greater hunting of South Africa with a similar surface to the province of Cceres. In him have been slumses of 1″ 5 million years a.C. Others including RioCan , offer their opinions as well. One of its great attractiveness is that they are possible on foot to be realised safaris or in car to 50 kilometers per hour and counts on 12 campings where to spend the night. His lodges is equipped with all class of comforts. Some users of HolidayCheck recommend not to lose their barbecues. National park Mountain of the Well-known Table before like the National Park of the Peninsula of the Cabo, started up in 1988 to preserve its vegetation, especially the fynbos, a native scrub of the Region of the Cabo, where the famous colonies of penguins reside, the species animal more characteristic of the zone. Unlike other parks protected in South Africa, in the PNMM they only acquire rates in three areas, the rest can be visited free. National park of the cataracts of East Augrabies wild park has more than 28,000 hectares crossed by the Orange river, where the Augrabies cataracts are located.

They have 56 meters of altitude and they affectionately call them to the South Africans like ” Aukoerebis” or place of great noise. It is home of a great variety of animal and plants, from small birds to the powerful black rhinos. National park of Karoo Is the perfect shutdown between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Framed by the Nuweveld mountains, the National Park of Karoo lodges all type of wild species: gacelas, black zebras, eagles, etc. The lovers of Biology must know that in this park are the colonies of greater terrestrial turtles of the world. National park West Coast the ideal site for most adventurous.

He is full of cycling routes and of senderismo and in him kite can be practiced boarding and the sighting of whales. It is divided in three main areas: A zone of aquatic sports, another one for the navigation and another zone of fauna and protected wild flora. The best thing is to lodge near the Langebaan lagoon, in the city of same name, to be able to enjoy from the proximity to the park.