Two Summits

Wednesday the governors of France and the United Kingdom also met in London and in Recife those of Brazil and Venezuela. In both appointments they remembered reinforce to his respective economic blocks (Mercosur and the EU) and develop to common works pro-energy (Venezuelan-Brazilian refinery in Abreu of Lima and South-American gas pipeline and more plants atomics in both sides of the English Channel). Also the proposal of France was discussed to reincorporate itself totally to NATO while it demands a Pan-European troops. Chvez raised the necessity that Latin America has its own defense common even to be able to face the USA. The summit of Recife and the supply of Uribe to loosen prisoners of the CRAF (in exchange for which Betancourt is released) come lessen the tone from the new Bogota-Quito crisis. The meeting Brown-Sarkozy continues smoothing the way so that Paris trenches 4 decades of shocks with Washington and a solid majority in the intervention and Security Council dreams up for global liberalization greater in Afghanistan.