National Natural Monument

The vegetation almost covers the house, all she peculiarly decorated and whose ceiling of roofing tiles is crossed by trees of tamarinds, naranjos, mandarins and shrubs and trepadoras of showy flowers, those that go from the red violet and of the bugainvilleas (Bougainvillea spectabilis and B. glabra), to the blue one of the stony ones […]

Facebook Versus Twitter

This is a question that is had to make many entrepreneurs, including to me, that includes/understands that to make marketing with social networks he is the one of today. As much Twitter as Facebook gives that possibility you, and if you know to do it of the correct way, the opportunities to let grow your […]

Czech Language Studies

Good luck in your studies Czech language! Especially for those who plan to study Czech language, we interviewed Konstantin Nikolaevich Plotnikov (carrier of the Czech language, interpreter, teacher) who teaches Czech language courses, organized by the Kharkiv office of the company Gulfstream. So, the word professional: – Tell me, how difficult it is to study […]

Teach Through

Then, the necessity exists of that the professors search examples of geometric concepts that can be identified in the classroom or the domnios of the school, as, for example, to identify the point of meeting between two competing straight lines showing it as the point of meeting between two walls. This aspect of the teach-learning […]

The Analysis

Composed citizen (has two nuclei = ‘ ‘ estudantes’ ‘ (substantive) and ‘ ‘ professores’ ‘ (substantive)) It is good for strengthening that the nucleus of the citizen can be substantive words: personal pronames (I, you, it, we, you, they); demonstrative pronames (this, this, that one); indefinite pronames (everything, nothing, nobody, somebody), among others. The […]


In this context, the culture is had as science: to have culture is to have knowledge and to have knowledge is to have capacity of to take care of to the material and individualistic production. This model of school, technical established in the conception of natural sciences, finished safeguarding for ones few the domain of […]


In the world contemporary, where the conectividade is more evident, the comment of the relations in the education, especially in the formation of educators and educandos, takes in them to question which the space of performance of the school, mainly with the popularizao (even though banalizao) of the informacionais sources of learning fed by /em […]

Meeting Guideline

Dynamics of presentation of guideline of N meeting of participants: 10 the 30 the ministrante will have to pass a box with some incomplete phrases (it can be a music, verse, parlenda, dictated popular or a subject that will be placed in guideline after the dynamics as form to leave the intent participant to the […]