Danish Summit

Although the negotiations will continue the next year, the loss of an objective ” legally vinculante” it made of the Summit of Copenhagen an enormous lost opportunity. The world now must resume the trip in the way from Bali to Mexico, where a right, ambitious and legally binding agreement to avoid catastrophic climatic change must be adopted Telesurtv.net indicates, that the Government of Brazil made responsible to the United States (EE.UU.) to end the hopes of the world and behind the back of to threaten the human life the imposition in an agreement inconsulto generated by a mini group of countries the representatives of more than 190 present countries in the Summit of Climatic Change. The position of the South-American country, was determined by the minister of Environment, Carlos Minc, in accordance with the rejection that other five countries maintained after the presentation of the document on the part of the president of the Summit, prime minister of Denmark, Lars Loekke Rasmussen, the last day of session, among them Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia.

The minister remembered that the United States, the historical contaminating major of the environment, was responsible for ” fiasco” of Copenhagen, to having itself it formally do not jeopardize to reduce the GEI emissions and commented, from the Danish capital, that ” the final text (of the summit) leaves much to be desired, today is sad day, of much frustracin” and it was sorry that ” in spite of all the effort the result is very small facing the urgencies of mundo”. A related site: Mitsubishi mentions similar findings. The agreement adopted in the fixed Summit like objective a ceiling of two degrees of global heating with respect to the pre-industrial era, which was criticized by many nations, mainly insulares, because this top supposes the DIN of these countries.