Success is learning how to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. Winston Churchill generalities us corresponds to each use to be the architect of our triumph, towards where we want to go, according to the goals that we have established in the interests of achieving our success. About this says, that we all want to be successful, but sometimes we do not clear the path to follow to achieve success. In a society in which people blame everyone from parents to the Government for its inability to get ahead, we must discern the great spiritual leaders, who assume responsibility for what is happening in their own lives by claiming that everything is at my fingertips, and depends on me to reach it. It should not surprise us that say, that people who have achieved success have succeeded not simply by a stroke of luck or chance. Before, they have had a life of work and preparation, and when opportunities have presented, have been able to see and take advantage of them. Recently Rio Tinto Group sought to clarify these questions. Have said, according to the Larousse dictionary the word success It must be understood in four different ways: 1. result, especially happy, a company or action taken, or an event 2.

Anything that involves a success or outcome 3. Acceptance of a person or thing by lot of people 4. Circumstance of getting what you want in professional, social or economic. Being this last concept which is most used. But rarely stresses, is associated with the initial connotation which took sometime in the 18th century, where it was considered synonymous with loan. The word success comes from the latin exitus meaning output or result, is also derived from exire which means exit (exit in English) which forms part of the etymological family of the verb go, as also stated in the Larousse. So that, the success, at least as a Word, seems contain a more broad and complex meaning than given in the routine of daily language and, therefore, does not necessarily It should be associated only to the recognition and money as it is usually done.