Nutritional Sources

The maize (Zea mays L.) is a pertaining monocotilednea to the Poaceae family, of American origin according to scientific evidences, sufficiently cultivated since the pre-Columbian, rich period nutritional sources. The process for which the light regulates the development of the plants is called fotomorfognese. Its limitation in the interior of a vegetal community can cause […]

Mach Hypothesis

Joo Arthur Fortunato Porto Alegre, March of 2011 the physicist of positivista orientation Ernst call Mach conceived one co- nhecida experience in thought. Such was considered: ' ' perfect and completely equal frogs are two esfe situated next to the other and am bas far the sufficient to be excluded possible interactions between two and […]

June Great

Authors: Carlos Humberto Biagolini? UNIVERSITY GUARULHOS? UnG; Carlos H. Biagolini Jnior? FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF YOU CULTIVATE? UFLA, Cristiane B. Cangani – UNIESP SUMMARY: The Araucrias is typical plants of the regions south and Southeastern of same Brazil and in these regions, is restricted the specific points, generally higher in relation to the level of the […]