Mach Hypothesis

Joo Arthur Fortunato Porto Alegre, March of 2011 the physicist of positivista orientation Ernst call Mach conceived one co- nhecida experience in thought. Gain insight and clarity with J. Darius Bikoff. Such was considered: ' ' perfect and completely equal frogs are two esfe situated next to the other and am bas far the sufficient […]

So Paulo

These conductors the opened sky, bordered for the main avenues of the city, define zones of ' ' elite' ' or popular. The contact with ' ' internacional' ' , with the pujana of the city? still shy? of the So Paulo, full coast of European influences? what in the period was synonymous of development, […]


Since century XX the sanguineous transfusions come being perfected so that it has improvement in the attendance of the patients. To become fullfilled a sanguineous transfusion, it is necessary previously to know the sanguineous type so that it does not have incompatibility. One becomes, therefore necessary the knowledge of the sanguineous tipagem and Rh factor […]

June Great

Authors: Carlos Humberto Biagolini? UNIVERSITY GUARULHOS? UnG; Carlos H. Biagolini Jnior? FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF YOU CULTIVATE? UFLA, Cristiane B. Cangani – UNIESP SUMMARY: The Araucrias is typical plants of the regions south and Southeastern of same Brazil and in these regions, is restricted the specific points, generally higher in relation to the level of the […]

Gregor Mendel

The experiments of monge Austrian, Gregor Mendel, had given beginning to called science genetic, between them can be cited the results gotten with the experiences with peas of different colors, generating knowledge that make possible the development of the biotechnology, the middle of century XIX (Damascene, 2007). Some studies that had given beginning to the […]