World Cup

Just as soon as he was expelled from Podolsk. The reason – proximity to Moscow and inability to conduct large-scale construction works without prejudice to the road situation within a radius of 10-15 kilometers from the city. So what remains of 12 cities that could host the matches of the 2018 World Cup. But now again they are to be cut. So, who would be superfluous, and any number of Russian cities to be host matches of World Cup 2018? Clearly, all the city does not maintain a place in the application. Otherwise I would Shuvalov and Mutko would not raise this delicate subject. And it all depends, apparently, the amount of work that must be undertaken. A work, quite frankly, be too much.

After all, the state of most of our stadiums in tears. Yes, and the infrastructure needed for the World Cup, which includes modern airports and hotels, smooth and quality roads, stadiums comfortable and smooth and well-groomed fields, in most cities is simply not available. Or in some underdeveloped state. In the capital reconstruction of touch "Luzhniki", and stadium's seating capacity will be increased to 89 thousand people. There will also be built stadium "Spartak" remodel "Dynamo" stadium. They will include at least 70 thousand people. In St. Petersburg on Krestovsky in place legendary Kirov Stadium is being built new 62000th arena.

Outwardly, it would resemble a spaceship equipped with ultramodern and sliding pitch. The cost of the project – more than $ 150 million. In Russian Football Union believe that the infrastructure of the Olympic Sochi for the World Cup should be enough for full world championship bouts. As for Kazan, the hotel there and the road should be ready in Universiade 2013. It is also almost twice as expand capacity of the stadium that does not meet the requirements of FIFA and yet can take 30 thousand spectators.