When analyzing Marx and Comte we perceive two ideologies in divergence, fits in them to choose the one that more in them is favorable. In the theory he is as soon as functions, but in the truth the Brazilian citizen did not have such autonomy until the end of the military dictatorship. Some until had, but she was considered subversive the native land for the effective government. This makes in them to remember what it is printed in our Brazilian flag. This order makes in them becomes hostages of an ideology of ' ' return partner-cultural' '. Many times we are as a horse that uses visors in the laterals and leaves of enxergar what it is in our redor. As Nietzsche does not exist truth and yes truths, the owners of the power start to invent words in which they finish for believing. During much time, history was written in accordance with the ideas positivista.

In the official historiografia he was employed a great touch of emotion and herosmo, as example can perceive in what it says regarding the personages of the independence of Brazil. In 1838 the IHGB was created to consolidate the imperial State and with affirmation of the project of Brazilian nationality intended by this State. The contribution of the IHGB to this project came through its production historiogrfica objectified in the definition of the domestic territory, its social limits, occupation, settling, groups and uses of the language. Its academic model was inspired in the molds of the French, romantic academies and of iluminista character with cientificistas attitudes, marked for a historicismo in the production of knowing description, mainly when taking in consideration the workmanship of Varnhagen. In this direction, it was an institution that thought and elaborated the symbolic aspects in the construction of the nationality. Let us see of this form; Varnhagen was an officer of the imperial guard and had all an apparatus of training, physical preparation, strategies of war, intellectual formation, of position and ethics.