But unhappyly Bryan had to pass for four areas, therefore Azax is in the verge between nautical continent the quagmire. In its first day of its Bryan day if it all embarrassed in the hour to set its encampment, giving luck was passing a full truck of people who went for a city the 2000 km of distance, the driver of the truck then offered a hitchhiking, Bryan to it then accepted, arriving at the city of Witmarsum, it if it housed in a hotel, where former expedicionista then Bryan knew one gentleman there very wise started to talk with Mr. counting its history, later Bryan the Mr. asks: – It counts to Me on its life, its histories. – I already travelled for the four areas of the world, already i of everything in this world son, you is very young to make what you in mind you need yourself somebody wise very to guide you for this world. Then Bryan asks.

– we go with me Sir. – I cannot I am very old and I have a past not very to be able to come back the gate of hell the people to kill I want me there, take I only can you until the entrance of the young city. Accepted you thus. – Accepted yes Sir, but which is its name? – My name is Richard. In the following day when Bryan was to pay the daily one of the hotel he saw that he was without money, therefore was stolen without perceiving when he was in the truck, but Richard paid the daily one of Bryan. They had entered then in the quagmire they had made its encampment there exactly, in the following day Bryan were to the food search, but unhappyly the monsters of the quagmire did not like visitors in its area mainly human, already planned a plan to kill Bryan the monsters had offered it food in a bar, distrustful Bryan were with the monsters in a next bar from there, Bryan started to drink to eat when Bryan was arisen to go to the bathroom had caught it to the monsters for backwards then Bryan obtained to get rid itself and drew its weapon and was a total confusion when two Bryan monsters only sobraram asked: – why this? Then the monsters had answered: – for that you and one of the capachos of Fster and us hate.