Getting Pregnant

You want to have a son? One of the most frequent questions on a pregnancy, is which is the best moment to be pregnant and to manage to have a son, if a pair has desires of a pregnancy, must consider the days of evolution, now, how is due to calculate this crucial moment? It is important to have some knowledge on the own body and its operation, with the purpose of to find out the probable date of the ovulation, " time of ovulacin" it is the period between the ovulation and the first day of the menstrual cycle, this one period one is made up of fourteen days and he is the same for the majority of the women. After the fourteen days of the ovulation, the period begins, now, which one needs to know is the date of completion of the next period. When counting again twelve to sixteen days as of this date, it is probable that the day of the ovulation is obtained. Generally, the women who have a cycle of twenty-eight days, ovulate in day fourteen, since this is so important, is fundamental to know the date the ovulation, with the purpose of to be pregnant express and to manage to have a son, this moment also can be verified through the technique of TBC either of the corporal temperature basal east is a method that contemplates to the registry of the vaginal temperature every morning by a thermometer BBT (with a fine calibration), the thermometer shows one more a high temperature in the day of the ovulation that in the other days. In order to explain this fact in one more a simpler way, the ovum begins to be developed from the end of the menstrual cycle. Between days 8 and the 12 it is in his maximum. So the possibility of being pregnant and to have a son is greater, if it has sexual relations the day 8, 10 or 12 day. .