New Figuration

The fishing, nevertheless, had little interest for suevos and godos, except for the salmon that, as we know were considered the fish of the wisdom. Like curiosity, we wrote down that they considered the radishes because, next to the lemons, antidotes against any poison were considered that it could be ingested. They always served for that reason them at the beginning of the Galician food. Also they thought that figs stretched the skin, doing to disappear the wrinkles, what in all the times eternal youth looked for! Returning at the outset, resident absentees, we will be the other for which still they did not begin to emigrate? If they arrive at these beaches, will see that Barbarian! here he has a different, highly favourable meaning. Barbarian is very good, excellent, we agree.

And also the name of a bar of the Low one where in other times they met to the painters of the movement New Figuration, and behind the bar the owners speak with Galician accent. Preparation: To clean the chicken well, to sew the opening by where the vsceras removed, and to bridar so that it does not lose the form. To make a bed of salt in the source for furnace, to prepare the chicken above, and we totally covered with the salt dampened with the clear ones to which we added a little water. To take to the furnace 180 an hour and a half. We retire, we started off the scab of salt with a dry blow, and, after removing the cord to him, we put the chicken in the source on watch, and accompanied with a green salad.