The Exclusion

Still the look remains when placed as delinquent, it passes if to consider a bigger representative of this classroom, being presented attitudes make that them if to perceive as individuals. Or even though it is possible to find solidarity and love in the personage. Already we saw that the world is non-separable of the citizen, […]


In its dialogue with anjinho, the Doll continues saying that: ‘ ‘ I think that all the calamities of the world come of language. If the men did not speak, all running very well, as he enters the animals that not falam’ ‘. (Memories of the Emlia, p 20). It is not something The Hayzlett […]


It arrives at the balcony of the cafeteria with a sad skill, and asks for the attendant the coffee more bitter taste that will have. Therefore nothing in the world it was more bitter taste of what the sensation that if he installed in its heart. The attendant immediately perceived the situation where the youngster […]


Introduction: Initially an analysis of the literary production becomes necessary on the optics of the woman. Since the decade of 60 it has a search for discovering and divulging the tradition of feminine writing, to reevaluate the image of the woman in literature and to value the experiences of this of the individual and collective […]