It arrives at the balcony of the cafeteria with a sad skill, and asks for the attendant the coffee more bitter taste that will have. Therefore nothing in the world it was more bitter taste of what the sensation that if he installed in its heart. The attendant immediately perceived the situation where the youngster if found, he offered aid to it. It was thankful educadamente. But he would better find to be alone with the coffee and the solitude. Therefore its in case that he did not have more solution. It was certain of where he was. He was in the street of the illusions.

still, in the side saddest of it. Seated with xcara in the hand, it if it asked if was capable it heat it coffee to esquentar its heart, total cold because of a lost love. It was asked if it tried all the exits not to lose its love. But exactly thus Nor flowers, nor gold, nor properties, nor nothing of more rare in the world were capable to hinder its love to enter in that train and never more to come back. Making its prece for God, asking if of where it was gave to hear its tears of homesickness. As it was a prize for the solitary, if xcara of coffee subjected the pleasure to take plus one. at a nostalgia moment, remembering a future that never will have They say that who passes for the street of the disillusions, sings in it sadder, still obtains seeing taking its xcara of coffee of more the bitter taste, of closed eyes with a smile in the face. Seeming that already it would be conformed by its destination.