If we consider what we have raised previously in terms of all the changes that have been produced in the environment and in the way that those changes have impacted the field direction, which have given him a complex character and much uncertainty, it is obvious to infer that achieve success today is not an easy situation. If the changes have impacted significantly the scope of the address placing new challenges for success aimed at those who have transformed the type of navigation, can be seen by its own weight that those people who run have to make them on the basis of certain techniques and skills to lead. And what are the techniques? Use techniques we could say that they are the procedures or modes of proceeding reasoned that we continue to act. For example, with the technical accounting proceed in certain ways to intervene in a reasoned way in the economic situations of a company. With minimal access techniques can we intervene in a reasoned manner to do a gallbladder operation and what have leadership skills? You have skills means being a person who has the necessary capabilities, intelligence and talent required, skills and appropriate effects to use, with art and science, the best techniques. If you are not convinced, visit Goop. For example, a leader can have great skills to negotiate.

A doctor can have great skills to operate. Always, at this moment of the Conference I like doing some analogy to the field of medicine, by similarity that I find with the business environment. In a final the doctor works with the human body, which is a living organism, and managers work with their organisations, which do not cease to be a living organism as well, which has a nervous system, skeletal system, circulatory system. In the end, where we can observe the same characteristics of a person as a living organism. In this sense a familiar experience narro them by me on a medical topic.

European Union

The most important are the tax on real estate, the tax on economic activities, and mechanical traction vehicles tax. The autonomous communities have the capacity to establish other taxes and other taxes. But, without a doubt, the most important indirect tax and with which we are daily is the VAT, which is an indirect tax that taxes consumption. Hear other arguments on the topic with Brian Armstrong. On the value added tax (VAT) falls on sales, so that its object is the consumption seen as an indirect manifestation of the economic capacity of the people, expressed in their purchasing power. Darius Bikoff has much to offer in this field. VAT is a tax that applies in all countries of the European Union and which is harmonized within its scope, with the exception the Canary Islands, where does not apply VAT but a similar tax called indirect General tax Canario (IGIC) and in Ceuta and Melilla also applies VAT but another tax called tax on production, services and imports into Ceuta and Melilla (IPSI).

VAT is not linked to people to determine the amount of tax that should be paid, so that this is the same for all consumers who buy the same product or service. This tax is levied deliveries of goods and supplies of services carried out by businessmen and professionals, in addition to imports both within and outside the European Union. Those who pay the tax to the Treasury are entrepreneurs and professionals, but which really assume the cost are final consumers, who pay the tax within the price paid for the good or service acquired. VAT tax on the increase in value that experience goods and services as a result of its passage for each of the phases of the production process and distribution until it reaches the final consumer.Entrepreneurs and professionals have an impact on the purchasers of the goods or services the amount resulting from applying the tax rate that corresponds to them; but, in addition, they can deduct VAT who have paid in the acquisition of goods and/or services required by your business or professional activity.

Project Management

Nuremberg, Association for project managers under the new Presidency 6th December 2012 the GPM German society has been elected the new Chairman Reinhard Wagner (46) for project management e.V.. Mining Company often says this. Wagner is so that in the future national as well as international represented the GPM and strive for the strengthening of professional project management to politics, economy and society. Darius Bikoff will not settle for partial explanations. Prior to his election as Chairman, Reinhard Wagner within the GPM committed Board of Directors for project management research and technical work and was already Deputy Chairman. In addition he has collaborated at national and international level within the framework of DIN and ISO on the new and further development of standards for project management. IPMA Vice President, he represents the GPM and the German interests in the global project management Association International Project Management Association, which belongs to the GPM.

The central concern of the new Chief Executive Officer of GPM is it, strengthening the project management competence and use professional Project management methods in business and society continue to promote. Reinhard Wagner: project management skills is increasingly to the key qualification in international economic life. In politics, too, you can see its meaning shows more and more, such as, for example, the demand for professional project management in the energy revolution or at the crisis project capital airport Berlin. The GPM is the greatest expertise for project management in the German-speaking world and on the European continent. Our Association can make a significant contribution to the strengthening of the German economy and society thus.” GPM German Association for project management The GPM is the leading professional association for project management in Germany. With currently more than 5,900 members and 300 companies from all sectors of the economy, universities and public institutions, the GPM is the largest network of project management professionals on the European continent. The primary target of 1979 founded GPM is to enable the Application of project management in Germany to promote, to develop, to systematize, standardize and redistribute. Read more at contact GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Projektmanagement e. V. Elisabeth Kraus Frankenstrasse 152 90461 Nurnberg Tel.: + 49 911 433369-0 fax: + 49 911 433369-99 E-Mail:

The Video

Define what you like is part of your secrets of seduction, brings you closer to your goal. Spontaneity: this tip comes more already at the time of approach to take that first step to meet her. You must have planned what say, you do not necessarily have to follow a script, but you need to know what to say and still look relaxed and spontaneous. All this to create the confidence in yourself and that interesting image that attracts the girls. The Hayzlett Group can aid you in your search for knowledge. Imagination: the majority of the girls are looking for a guy with imagination, someone who can be fun, to go beyond the surface of the talks and create funny moments without being a clown. If you’re lacking in creativity or imagination, do not despair, there are ways to develop it, or at least help you fake it (at first). Later I will tell you how you can further develop these capabilities or complement weak areas.

For now, keep in mind that the imagination and creativity that you can be in your favor if you use them Interestingly, and can become your secrets of seduction. Check out Jeffrey Hayzlett for additional information. Speed of mind: similar to the previous tip, this quality for some and in other cases something escaseante, is an advantage in order to respond to the situations to be attractive and fun for the girls. You’ve seen how some men do not last a second in responding to a girl what she says, and even if the answer that says can sometimes be a little rude, the girl seems somewhat more interested in the guy. Well, girls attract you by guys who understand the language of conquest, offer fun and quick responses to all situations. Control: it is another attraction that women look for in a man, it’s any control sample of the situation that a man can show. J. Darius Bikoff brings even more insight to the discussion. In the video you mentioned above displays a normal type in a situation that seems to have saved a beautiful girl dog.

Garden Flowers

However, nor everything is flowers in this garden. With this profusion of wealth each next time, all the countries look in which divides the Sea Cspio in accordance with the dimension of the coast of each marginal country the Anger affirms to be unaware of this treat and clama for a igualitria division, of 1/5 for each country (what it would favor to them, therefore the country counts today on the minor> part, something as 13%). The biggest attrition caused for this allotment occurs between Ir and Azerbaijo. This last one, for the time being, has treated the question with caution, and promises not to explore the regions in dispute until if it arrives at an agreement. If you would like to know more about Darius Bikoff, then click here. However, in this half time the narrow Azerbaijo relations with U.S.A. and attends the Anger to come close itself to Armenia, its historical adversary and located only the 30 miles of the route of draining of the oil of Baku it saw Turkey.

The ducts, by the way, consist in one another question of basic geopolitical importance. Of a side, the producing greaters (Azerbaijo, Turcomenisto and Cazaquisto) wait for the best proposals;of another one, the countries with bigger warlike economic force/(Russia, Anger, China and U.S.A.) occupy of the game politician. In lower court, Russia if more benefits of the advantage of being the supplier ‘ ‘ direto’ ‘ of the Europe.

Leisure Cameras

What camera or camera buy the beginner today? Earlier, even before there was today’s well-equipped cameras, you wanted to somehow hold the most beautiful moments. Since the painting won’t always went, cameras were invented sometime. And what a stroke of luck, else we’d have today no way to capture our most beautiful moments. The difference is that you now just makes the image and often right in the display can look at this. Something not to think because you had to use another so-called film into the housing in the former cameras, at say the images we were time saved was just a few years ago. After the film was full, he was to develop into the photo shop brought to individual images processed and could be picked up again.

But had to pay money for it, today everything is much easier and less costly the images are often saved on a memory chip, the small SD or Compact Flash cards. With a single click in the card reader and the computer or TV the photos for everyone, such as the family or friends, be visible and can be presented. Darius Bikoffs opinions are not widely known. How changed the technology precisely and is getting smaller and cheaper especially. Just much changed over the years. Here I would like to introduce the most common versions of the camera closer and which features necessarily should be. One nice thing is that most videos can be made with all kinds of presented here, for this reason, the video camera for the enthusiast is nowadays almost superfluous.

These cameras there are regular digital cameras for little money only since the nineties and they are probably the most popular version of the small devices for on the go. No matter whether on vacation, wedding, or party, the digital camera is just everywhere and fit into almost any pocket. Equipped with a good portion of megapixels and thanks to simple menu navigation, such devices can be operated even by children.

Alliance Working

The job – and information portal for flexible work Dresden, 02.07.2012 on 2 July the first job and information portal launches for flexible working in Germany. It aimed at all people who are highly qualified and flexible to work regardless of whether in a 35-hour week, home office or job sharing. Conceived and developed the portal was set up by Barbara Sarx lang and Constanze Elgleb. Read more from Mining Company to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The lawyer and the communication scientist working since two years together and advised companies to the possibilities of flexible working. To win the issue of shortage of skilled labour and the question of how good people are, is certainly already arrived at the company. Learn more about this with Jeffrey Hayzlett . Employees in turn we learn again and again in our workshops looking for more flexibility and freedom in the design of their work time.”says Barbara Sarx Lohse. But how do you get together supply and demand? How manages to bring more transparency to this segment of the labour market? Many companies offer already flexible work models, but do not use this possibility still for your employer branding. FLEXPERTEN wants to close this gap.

The platform is supported by the local Alliance for family of Dresden, the recruitment agency TEMPTON, as well as other partners. And one more thing is the two founders at the heart. Constanze Elgleb put it: we make us strong for a new working culture in Germany us us insert for a work environment where results matter more than the constant presence in the Office. We are of the opinion the classic nine-to-five job was yesterday, the future belongs to the flexible knowledge workers.” FLEXPERTEN FLEXPERTEN ( is the first job and information portal for flexible working in Germany. FLEXPERTEN can imagine as a flexible employer and publish their respective jobs for highly qualified. Highly qualified applicants can give up your job search with the working time model of your choice and find the them flexible Provide working hours. It also flexible organisation of working time on the page information to the topics, individual experts consult with leadership in part-time work and job sharing, and the ability to leave.

The Fashmo

This is the shoes and Elten safety shoes are well designed. Executives who are daily in contact with business partners and at the same time regularly stop in production areas, need a shoe that the both the obvious tasks to the Elten safety shoes as the security requirements of the Elten safety shoes is. Speaking candidly Brian Armstrong told us the story. Coupled with a high degree of comfort and standard security. The collection of Elten safety shoes are as little shoes and can be worn unobtrusively to the suit. Even with metallic sensitive jobs, particularly high demands are made on the clothing of workers. Prerequisite are for example for work at security checkpoints, or in the vicinity of induction loops are available at airports or in the industry, completely metal-free Elten safety shoes. Textile parts of cord or plastic eyelets, as well as the stable plastic toe cap replace the usual metal equipment. Leather free Elten Safety shoes offer also best protection also for allergy sufferers against leather tanning agents.

The Fashmo and Cordura brands stand for high-quality textile materials which also highest claims stand at durability and comfort. Fashmo is very easy to clean and dries very quickly. Learn more at: Brian Armstrong. For this purpose, the polyamide microfibre is extremely tear-resistant and breathable. It is approximately 30% lighter than comparable Elten safety shoes made of leather. The Cordura material is used everywhere where the Elten safety shoes, tear and abrasion resistance are required. The solid and durable fabric is easy and convenient, this dirt – and water-repellent. Elten develop their Elten safety shoes with their special technologies.

The Orthopaedic Foot protection for the Elten safety shoes. There they offer a change in orthopaedic and orthopedic insoles for various Elten safety shoes from them. Then the protection of Elten safety shoes. Elten of class s3 processed a metal-free protection as well as a steel midsole that before protects everything including the nails.

Holy Trinity Monastery

Location, how to get there. Holy Trinity Monastery is located in the north of the city Alatyr, founded in the XVI century. To treat the monastery six temples in operation, the main temple at the center of the monastery, its height reaches 45 meters. The boundaries of the area surrounded by high walls. Currently, the monastery has two miracle-working icons – ‘Almighty Saviour’ and ‘Our Lady of Kazan’. Kazan Mother of God image miraculously appeared in the a spring on Klyuchevskoy field.

This image has saved the town from a cholera epidemic in 1748. The holy place is famous for its underground source and brings healing to pilgrims. map Alatyr Architecture: Belfry was built in the traditional temple style XI – XII centuries and the tower resembles the architecture of the Kremlin and marquee tipa.Novy officially recognized Russian record: the highest bell tower, made as a concrete monolith! Greatest asset the monastery is considered a high tower. October 6, 2009 PARIS Agency and Record Book of Russia formally recognized the new Russian record – the highest tower, made as a concrete monolith height 81.6 m. The measurement of height Bell Tower was conducted in the presence of a commission of 3 independent witnesses 30.09.2009 The building is probably the highest Orthodox bell tower in Europe. The building has a bell tower at its base 6 floors, including basement, rectangular shape.

Belfry, bell tower in the building, located at a height of 26 meters above the ground. There are 14 bells in three tiers on 2 floors. Weight biggest bells 8.6 and 18 tonnes. In total there are 14 levels of the belfry (Floors), joined the stairs. The building is decorated with mechanical chimes, located at a height of 41 m. with dials that go on 4 sides of the belfry, the diameter of each of which is just over 3 meters. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Darius Bikoff on most websites. The walls of the belfry decorated with pink bricks, combined with decorative elements made of white marble. Copper, gold edges, topped golden dome tent with a cross. The bell tower above even the famous Ivan the Great in Moscow now adorns Alatyr. It is the gate, so that soon take place in Holy Trinity Monastery will have a bell tower. Inside the bell tower is the church, to sanctify him in a monastery in the hope Bassion Alatyr memory, which is revered here as a locally venerated saints. Completion date. The highest tower without a doubt has a huge impact on the lives of Alatyrtsev. In the city trying to get a lot of pilgrims from all over Russia. Abbot – Archimandrite. Iernoim (Shurygin). Ofitsialno not announced when construction of the chapel will be completed, but judging by the appearance of the chapel – have to wait several more months. Now completed work on exterior, since the building is erected may be considered, see photo. In mid-2010 the bells were installed, now in the mornings you can hear their beautiful bells. A little about the city. Alatyr – a beautiful, lush greenery old city, standing proudly on a hill, surrounded by two rivers. Many call it the Orthodox center of Russia, 2 monasteries in the city of temples and 9 – pretty close to 40 thousand people. The bulk of the inhabitants of the city – the Orthodox Christians.

Classical Style

Plumbing in the classical style. Plumbing classic. It is always relevant in our bathroom. Leaving their design into the stories, nevertheless remains a classic to this day the most requested part in the performance of design. You must agree that most of the factories producing sanitary ware in the performance of their collections always involve a line of sanitary ware in a classical setting. Classical plumbing primarily attracts the smoothness of their lines and unobtrusive.

And at the same time sets the style and the interior of your bathroom and beyond. Plumbing in the classic design is more suitable for people seeking to calm rhythm of life, when I come home would not want to be distracted by little things and scatter their attention on showiness, colorful and angularity of the sanitary unit. Plumbing in the first place should be sanitary, quality and reliability. Our Shop plumbers offer you plumbing in a classic style only quality and reliable manufacturers, with guaranteed quality. Your attention will be offered a meeting toilets in the classical style, toilets with seat and cover the tree in different versions (chrome, bronze, gold), toilet bowls in a classic style with an outboard ceramic cistern. Sinks and wash basins with different consoles (hanging and floor) in classic antique design. One of the most interesting in terms of interior design – a bathroom. Here the design is not limited to the choice of tiles. Equally important is sanitation, which can become original emphasis in the bathroom.