The Analysis

Composed citizen (has two nuclei = ‘ ‘ estudantes’ ‘ (substantive) and ‘ ‘ professores’ ‘ (substantive)) It is good for strengthening that the nucleus of the citizen can be substantive words: personal pronames (I, you, it, we, you, they); demonstrative pronames (this, this, that one); indefinite pronames (everything, nothing, nobody, somebody), among others. The tip is: it needs to give NAME to some being. Ex2.: Nobody deserves this, saw! (subject simple formed for a nucleus ‘ ‘ ningum’ ‘ (substantive word, therefore is mentioned to some being) Ex1.: Nor I, nor nobody deserve this that you spoke. (subject composition formed for two nuclei: ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ ‘ ‘ ningum’ ‘ (both are substantive words, therefore each one is mentioned to some being) 3) SUBJECT INDETERMINATE? It is a citizen that exists but it does not appear in the conjunct. We only can classify the indeterminate citizen through two situations: 1 case: verb in the third person of plural (the proname ‘ ‘ eles’ ‘ implicit) without it has logical agreement with some another term of the conjunct. In this direction it can be affirmed with certainty that is subject indeterminate. Ex1.: They had studied the projects What to make exactly! ‘ ‘ It has beaten the eye in verbo’ ‘. If it will be in the third person of the plural one already must be considered as special in the analysis! This is the secret: the verb! It sees above that the verb is in the third person of the plural one and the term ‘ ‘ esquemas’ ‘ that it could agree to the verb DOES NOT POSSESS LOGIC. It tries to place this term before the verb and sees if it has logic! It does not have, certain? Then the citizen of the verb ‘ ‘ estudaram’ ‘ it possesss indeterminate citizen.