Trained Club

EP Ocupaba a position in the technical body of the club trained by Luis Enrique. According to &#039 has communicated the club; giallorosso' in its page Web, the cease of Of the Rock of its functions is temporary and due to personal reasons. As Rome has announced that the Ivn midfield player of the Rock […]


Laws ” too much tolerantes” 39% of the survey ones indicate that he is ” enough aceptable” that it is preferred to contract a Spanish before to a foreigner and 24%, that is ” very aceptable” , nevertheless, 22% think that he is ” little aceptable” and 9% ” nothing aceptable”. However, the crisis has […]

Alfredson Shines

The film, that moves away of the history of vampires that Alfredson recreated in ‘ Djame entrar’ , it relates a history of spies in the Cold War. The Mostra is put serious with film on immigration. The Festival of Venice continues offering in its edition of this year samples of the best cinema. This […]

Repsol Management

The group Sacyr Vallehermoso, ally with state company Mexican PEMEX to try to give a turn to the management of Repsol, reunites to its Advice of Administration today to analyze the pact of action syndication that allows to both companies the control of 29.8% of the capital of the oil Spanish. The call takes place […]