Palmira Village

Its Alvine one bought a land in the Palmira village and vendeu the house of the Amaro Saint in the early 70’s in Campo Grande. As fast needed to change itself, it started the construction of a our house it raised and it in cibloco, it covered and it closed, without floor, without I tow […]


Adolescence is one of the moments most important in the life of the human being, is when it has the changes, uncertainties and will of being independent. Old the children obeyed, the parents and the situations that the society considered. The young had fear to express its opinions. Nowadays, what valley is its opinion, they […]


If the mind is not very flexible and change partners. If you are not flexible, then continue the grueling "rehearsal", straining nerves, losing time, changing methods of influence in an attempt to bring the role – the drum, well-behaved and cause guilt …. That is the reason for survival scenario "executioner-victim-savior" If you are a […]