Palmira Village

Its Alvine one bought a land in the Palmira village and vendeu the house of the Amaro Saint in the early 70’s in Campo Grande. As fast needed to change itself, it started the construction of a our house it raised and it in cibloco, it covered and it closed, without floor, without I tow nor painting, but it changed with its woman Eloah Owner, the children Walter (youngest), Jose Luiz, Marly, Jose Darly and Arly (I am not certain if the Moacir still liveed with us, finds that yes), the other Marluz children, Velocindo and the Sidney, already they were married. The couple still with nine children, but still lacked one, the one that would come to complete the ten. Learn more on the subject from Jeffrey Hayzlett. Great family, many children, but its Alvine one was a diligent man and all ralava the day in the constructions, if carpenter said, but he made of everything in a workmanship. It worked of sun the sun, Saturday and many times, sunday and holiday. I remember to see it working of night, and as it worked as mason of construction and demolition of houses, kitnetes of rent, that in the end of the life had been its retirement, had been all constructed with part of new material and parts of demolidas houses: broken tanks, beams, taps, wiring, roofing tiles, pipes and pisos that turned mosaics when going for soil. To read more click here: Rio- Tinto Group. It works every day in the strong sun and the night rested a little and together with my older brothers they had more constructed to our house and four casinhas of rent, that on account to be constructed the night had been thus, as I can Say without offending, well, half tortinhas, also ours. But meanwhile Eloah owner took care of of the house, of the children and soon she came caulinha, the Mrcia Maria, and that party was that one with the arrival of the new baby. I remember that at this time we did not have television, only the radio and musics that I keep in the memory were sung in the voice of the Eloah Owner, remember that it sang the Sun and the Moon, Dlio and Delinha, and Ox-driver of Two Hearts that touched every day in radinho, and when the cold arrived, very cold exactly, its Alvine and Eloah Owner caught a can of great ink, these of 18 liters and made a fogareiro in the way of the room of being that was inda beaten soil, then all the children if they seated around of the fire while the Eloah Owner kills prepared it hot with milk, that we adored, and then Its Alvine one started to count the history of its youth, of its family, some ' ' causos' ' as it said, or legends, history of ghosts, histories of the wars. I remember to have around learned many things hearing its Alvine and Eloah Owner of our fogueira. The always simple house if became a castle and was where I lived many years, I still conserve many wonderful souvenirs, others nor in such a way, but everything is part of the life.