Pats Signs

The person who looks cleanly in the eyes of others is a safe, friendly, mature and sincere person. His eyes and his gaze can say much because they express all the emotions: joy, sadness, restlessness, tension, concern, estimation or respect. By your eyes often may know what you are thinking. Therefore, they constitute a powerful aid in conversation. There are many people who are always giving Pats on the back or touching each other in the arms, like to draw your attention. ES good to show love, but we must also save the due respect to others. Show it not touching another person unnecessarily.

There is who feels very annoying if touch you, beware. But neither talk or listen with their hands tucked into pockets because it denotes indifference and poor education physical attitude demonstrates what the soul is feeling. If someone feigns interest in a conversation, the other person will notice very easily by their gestures and gestures. Move nervously or get up, cross and uncross your legs, move in the seat or watching the clock constantly shows boredom and is a great lack of respect. If you have to look at the time, do it in another clock. Brought some signs interesting signs for example of coquetry of women to be taken into account: the women wear some of the gestures of coquetry of men, as touch hair, straightening clothes, placing a hand, or both, on the hips, directing body and a foot toward the man, long intimate looks and an intense eye contact. Other signs that women wear are: Cross and uncross your legs slowly against the man, gently stroking the thighs: indicate the desire to be touched as well. Often this gesture is accompanied by speaking in a voice low or severe. Original author and source of the article.