Healthy Food Drawing Summer Menu

Comes the hottest and most 'juicy' time of year – summer. In the summer people replenish their depleted over the winter the body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Doctors claim that the full content of the human body all vitamins, it is necessary to eat during the summer for one kilogram of raspberries, strawberries, black currants and apples. Agree, this is a very cute and doable task, because a healthy diet in summer acquires special importance. It is essential that berries were not purchased from the supermarket and purchased in the market from grandmothers, they have no nitrates and pesticides. Ideally, if the grapes are grown on their own garden. Summer useful to have as many herbs: dill, green onions and parsley.

Tender lettuce leaves contain a range of micronutrients, and the young shoots of garlic rejuvenate your body and purify the blood. It is not hard to do vitamin salad, cutting small green onions, dill and parsley, add a bit of radish and cucumber. After a salad with salt and season with olive oil. If you have this salad every day for lunch, then the transformation in the body will be visible on the face. Appears vivacity body will take chronic fatigue, energy will overflow the body, a desire to love and enjoy life. Besides herbs cleanse the bowel wall in the organism of accumulated during the winter wastes. Summer is well to arrange fasting days and at least once a week eat only berries or fruit. In addition to unloading, the body will be filled with vitamins and microelements.

Let try to make a useful menu for one summer day. Morning. For breakfast, ideal for porridge with raspberries, strawberries or apple and apricot and green tea. At lunch you can make vitamin salad greens (we already talked about it above), boiled fish and boiled young potatoes. Incidentally, the young potatoes contain lots of vitamin C. Also at lunch well prepared jelly or compote of fresh berries. Or you can mix in a blender and berries low-fat yogurt, you get a delicious and healthy drink. Why is fat-free yogurt? Yes, because it contains much more calcium than in yogurt with high fat content. Snack. At mid-morning snack is ideal Cottage cheese casserole and fruit (apples, apricots). At dinner, better to eat fruit salad with yogurt or honey. In the intervals between meals it is desirable to have as much fresh fruit and berries. And do not forget about useful properties of young carrots, is an irreplaceable source of vitamin A and beta carotene. Over the summer, berries and fruits vary, some go, but some are just beginning to emerge. Remember, everything that grows in the garden and fruit trees, all of this irreplaceable valuable to our body! In the summer we recruit health and strength of the whole year, until the next such a hot and tasty time of year.