Fastest Notebook Workstation

Around 1,500 exhibitors from 45 countries presented the latest innovations from the industry on an area of approximately 75,000 square meters. BullMan presented 2 new innovations in the mobile computing industry. The new notebooks steal the table everywhere mobile workstations that raison d ‘ etre, because you are not only so powerful, but to do so. Overview: Notebook power – Super-fast mobile.

Fast and efficient work – complete Windows 7 boot in less than 5 seconds. Develop locally and improve – at any place of the world. 2 of the fastest notebooks – for CAD, Virtualsierung and rapid prototyping. Adaptable – 3 optimized performance packages. Performance configuration in detail. Notebook power – Super-fast mobile. Under the motto > Super-fast mobile < who presented German notebook manufacturer BullMan headquartered in Frankfurt-Eschborn interested the audience 2 of the fastest notebook workstations on the world market. With numerous software packages loaded the major manufacturer, have many customers can see live on site, how quickly and thus saving time and your software programs can run.

Windows boot in less than 5 seconds: visitors not astonished, as on the BullMan E-class notebooks for example a Windows was booted up 64 bit 7 ultimate in less than 5 seconds or even complex software products such as AutoCad inventor with numerous libraries within a few seconds were fully operational. The notebook achieve this with the huge Intel processor power in conjunction with super fast solid state disks and the best chipsets that are available. Develop locally and improve – at any place of the world. The time savings in connection with the massive power is successful, what the company does. “, repeated at his Sebastian Lust by BullMan Demo presentations again. With this mobile notebooks, you develop virtually anywhere in the world, directly under the working conditions of the customer, and if you want, also with the customer together. You have a mobile development machine. (As opposed to RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust ). With all the comforts, you know.” 2 of the fastest notebooks – for CAD, Virtualsierung and rapid prototyping. The new E-class 2 Grand i7 is a 17.3 “notebook with the fine print solution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, Intel Core i7 4 – and 6 – core processors with a clock rate up to 3.33 GHz, the latest power graphics in 3D and OpenGL area (Quadro FX), up to 2 graphics cards and up to 3 hard drives at the same time (2.25 terabytes in total), as well as up to 12 GB fast DDR-3 RAM. The E-class 2 Grand i7 extreme delivers same performance values, but with a large 18.4 “TFT and the significantly more mobile processor Variant. Adaptable – 3 optimized performance packages. Bullman offers both notebooks in 3 pre-configured performance packages. The difference in the performance and hence the price. Even with smaller budgets, it is so the Customers to invest in the mobile workstations and later if necessary to adjust the required performance. . All BullMan notebooks are designed for maximum performance from the outset. Performance configuration in detail. Who knows exactly what he wants to do, can be with BullMan individual his notebook workstation exactly according to his power production. The notebook is handmade, optimized to the customer’s exact requirements. This service costs you nothing more.