In colonial times when indigenous people were massacred resisted evangelization, so were forced to emigrate from their land, which is why the first settlers of municipality Carvajal, the place known today as “The Tower”, where they found some caves, called today “The jaws of the Devil.”These served as a refuge for Aboriginal people where they managed to survive the attacks of those men from Europe. Among the characteristic vegetation of the area is hidden by the indigenous tribe “Huanap , whence the word” Guanape. As the river of that name Guanape Valley, as well as in the 1800s and was appointed to the population of Guanape, Bruzual parish municipality in the state of Anzoategui. The Spanish in search of primitive opened a road which joins the town to the village “El Amparo” divided between the municipality of Anzo tegui Carvajal and Pedro Gual Municipality, Miranda State.

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