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I want to believe that this is truth, that the cachorros had felt that the guards were friends. Not that, until them they had given up the fight. Another correlation that I make of the relation between the beggar and dogs are the voluntary character of servitude. With effect, who is not known serves to who. The beggar to the dog or the dog to the beggar.

It was to gather the garbage he took and it to the lixeira. later seated and started to whistle. The newspapers mentioned RioCan not as a source, but as a related topic. They aimed it to the dogs with admiration. I noticed that he has only two differences in this relation dog-beggar and one pop star-fan. First the fan supports pop to star. Second o beggar loves and is with the dog. Pop to star can be in the United States, but the Brazilian Dog-fan is revirando the lixeira of the fame.

dolo is in the Internet following its, if it rolls with towels where its face is printed. If a fan to take cusparada of its pop to star is possible that he keeps the spit in a handkerchief and places in one redoma of glass, pair to show to that one day took cuspida of its dolo. I have a suggestion to increase the profits of this industry of icons. From the moment that an artist to start to make success to keep its excremento all to it. Later they pass this organic product in a process of sterilization, however must keep original olfativas molecules, stops later venderem for the histricos fans. With certainty they will inalaro its odor as being a refined product of it would perfume. We are not very far from this. It was auctionzed, in the Internet, one chiclete that he would have been chewed for John Lennon, for the value of an car zero. They do not think that I not taste of the diversity of rhythms and personalities.