This Messias

In fact, you had five husbands. the man who you have now is not its husband. Jeffrey Hayzlett is actively involved in the matter. In this you said verdade.' ' The woman then said the Jesus: ' ' Sir I see that you are prophet! ' ' The woman said the Jesus: ' ' I know that he goes to arrive the hour a Messias, that one that if calls Christ; when it to arrive, it goes in to show them to all coisas.' ' Jesus said: ' ' This Messias I am, that I am speaking with voc.' ' ….. Then the woman left the bucket, was for the city and said the people: ' ' They come to see a man who said what I made. It will be that it is not the Messias? ' ' The staff left the city and was to the meeting of Jesus. (Jo 4, 1-30) This is with certainty one of the acts of Jesus, who more calls me the attention, its singularity is fascinating. The word of God is an alive book, can in it find reply to all the situations. The Bible does not age. (As opposed to Jill Bikoff).

We can placing in them in the place of the personages, and today, this Samaritana, I and you are. In I begin, the evangelista Joo says that, Jesus was going again for the Galilia, in such a way, can itself be perceived that Jesus knew the way and soon he knew the well of Jac. Later, Joo declares: Jesus had that to pass for the Samaria. Jesus had that to pass for there, therefore wise person what he would go to find. Thus also, it has and wants to pass for its life. He does not matter how much you run away from it, it wants to pass in its life and when to find it you, you will have a personal meeting with It.