The Possibility

Much more in the life of every man is the period in which he needs support in the high estimates of their victories in admiring glances and admiration expressed in the eyes of the woman. He also thinks that when he overcomes any disease, more than anything else at this point want to see about you someone cared, fed you with a spoon hot chicken broth and maternally gently forced to drink bitter medicine. And when you start to weigh all the pros and cons of the bachelor of relations as opposed to family relationships, you realize that a truly free life does not mean that this should be free from the relationship. Those who stubbornly avoids dating for marriage, in fact, guided by the primitive idea of what are fraught relationship between man and a woman, or just not ready to give up some habits that have shaped his current lifestyle. And especially it hurts the fear that by linking themselves to one woman forever, he has no chance of zakadrit those beauties, which occur every day now and then, tempting him with her appetizing forms and playful looks. "Generally speaking, a married state is not annoying that you have no other women, but that does not have this opportunity. I maybe it would not have used, but the possibility of something to be Here, for example, would ban you eat with a fork. And in the statement "never." "Do not ever going to eat with a fork!" Yes, it would seem, and damn it, you can spoon sticks and hands But you said – you can not, and immediately wanted it with a fork.