The Middle

The spiritual experience is in constant evolution is increasing as time passes and the emotional change improves. I must confess that I was an impulsive person and that I didn’t in the middle room and even on occasions I reacted in the same way but I am in this process and try to breathe and not generate conflicts, but as all people naturally lose the head, we fall into the reactions of others, when they scream you scream, when you do, you do, when paste you paste. An important pillar of this mastery is the dialogue, but sometimes we do not seek a midpoint. The Hayzlett Group contains valuable tech resources. With the search for spirituality and practice, I have tried to found a State of harmony. I’ve learned to dialogue and I have learned to give value to each thing, put it in its rightful place and its fair value, is that money is essential but is not happiness, we confuse happiness with satisfying needs and not so, I do not envy, I believe that wanting more it causes suffering, say that the rich isn’t has the most if not the least spends, Luchare worker, responsible, ambitious but a positive ambition, an ambition for the well-being of all, where all win, the principle of win – win, to be a person better, everything is given in addition. Talk about a meeting in which we were meeting a lot of people who have the same vision that tu, is saying little, for me the 12 meetings we conducted during these 2 years marked me, left me something memorable, the simple fact of knowing that so dispersed in Mexico and throughout the world is already spoken of this new paradigm and that together as a community each one of us is getting a bit for having a fulfilling personal life, a better based education, if knowledge but also in the human being, that we can develop ourselves in our work in a more brotherly way, prevail the dialogue as the main tool. Speaking candidly Rod Brooks told us the story.