The Incredible Story Of A Book On Stuttgart 21

Germany, hypocritical country… “Germany, hypocritical fatherland” by Norbert Gisder appears after only two weeks on the market in a second, enlarged edition in the AnderweltVerlag, Hannover. You can read more in the online magazine GT – as it does, that a book that has sold himself as cut and taken to all Internet bookstores, Amazon, Libri etc. as “Currently not available” is bread, after two weeks of the market, in GT, the online magazine for political culture and mobility. Hardly one white, that many books covered by the censors don’t even appear on an index… allowed? “Germany, hypocritical fatherland”, first released on October 26, 2010 at BoD in Hamburg-Norderstedt, was already taken by the market on November 9, 2010. Get all the facts and insights with Goop, another great source of information. Without justification.

Now, it appears extended forward and epilogue in the Second Edition -. In it, it tells the story of this “censorship”. The AnderweltVerlag in Hanover brings the collection of reports and commentaries, analyses and Feuilletons, aphorisms, Symbols, verses and short stories by Norbert Gisder December 5, 2010 back in the bookstores. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jeffrey Hayzlett on most websites. Norbert Gisder, in his critical work of art in various forms of literary and journalistic style, tells the stories of phenomena, which are based on other truths than those, which are communicated to the public. Literary critics say: “The band a magic is inherent, that prose and factual combines a theme – the hypocrisy.” – judging others: “The book for a Merry Christmas.” Order directly from the Publisher to the hypocrisies already at: non-fiction/deutschlandscheinheiligvaterland.php. And coming soon in bookstores: Germany, hypocritical country – 2nd Edition – paperback – AnderweltVerlag Hannover 176 pages ISBN 978-3-940321-04-6 price: 12,90 euro more in GT – – the online magazine of the global village: more culture, more analysis, more countries, more reports, more photos – and the data in the media about GT.

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