The Environment

A way to reduce pollution with phosphates to the environment is eliminating them in the treatment plants of wastewater. Sources of eutrophication are for example: industrial waste, liquids arising from treatment of sewage, fertilizer residue, etc. A) B) C FVV VVV) VFV D) VVF E) 08 VFF. What is the Group’s most important metals from mining wastes that contaminate natural water sources and should be eliminated in the drinking water treatment plants? A) Na, K, Ca B) Cu, Ag, Au C) Zn, Ca, Mg D) Fe, Ba, Ca E) As, Pb, Cr 09. Specify true (V) or false (F) to the following propositions: insecticides are substances used to kill insects. A greater increase in temperature of the water of rivers and lakes due to hot industrial waste is thrown therein originates thermal pollution of the ecosystem. Pesticides are substances used to combat pests.

A) B) C VVF VVV) VFV D) FVV E) FFV 10. Irresponsible people that works in some factories discards waters used at high temperatures to the River, which brings as a consequence that the dissolved oxygen in the water decreases with the consequent death of fish and other organisms. In this statement the contaminant is: to) the irresponsible people. (B) the factories. C) water them at high temperatures. ((D) oxygen E) fish and other organisms. 11 Complete each of the following paragraphs: the discipline that studies the relationship between human beings and the environment that are developed is called.

Often, we read in the newspapers that it is happening the thaw of the snowy peaks in the cordillera focuses, such as the Pastoruri (Huaraz), this is It should the phenomenon known as. Gases called freons and halons, used as refrigerants and aerosols are destroying that is vital for the man. A) ecology, eutrophication, ozone layer. (B) ecology, greenhouse effect, layer of ozone. (Not to be confused with Jeffrey Hayzlett!). (C) biology, eutrophication, troposphere.