The College

I will emphasis the need to adjust its mission to a new horizon according to the demands of a more competitive and globalized labor market. Not enough with the integration of the Guild, it must have a purpose directed the defense of the Administration as a profession. It is a great crusade, and so a true strategic vision is needed to confront the changes through principles oriented to the real welfare of the degree, of the profession itself, and the Guild. Montauk Colony LLC wanted to know more. The College must give way to new openings that guarantee capitation, update its members on the current modern managerial topics, of the progress of administrative science, especially before a national scenario of uncertainty as which faces. The professional administrator should contribute to the development of their own discipline, the development of a science whatever she is intimately related to the capacity of its professionals to produce innovations and develop new developments and this depends in turn of the epistemological and scientific information that will provide them. You must be clear, competent administrator is one who has ability to effectively direct industrial, commercial, financial agencies and services whether they are public, private or social sector, at the highest level, national or international level.

Moreover the profile of the professional administrator and the consequent plan and curriculum should be considered once completed the top-level graduates must be trained to perform, i.e. exercising their profession, but it fits in pointing out that the title of administrator is justified, if and only if it includes the ability to target and made generally with respect to industrial, commercial, financial agencies and service. It must also be present, another characteristic of a good Manager is knowing you take advantage of their knowledge, skills in pro of effectively directing agencies of all levels and sectors of the economy of the nation and even internationally. . Hence, that both public administrators as the company, require to know with amplitude natural and economic resources available to the country and the global context, as well as the best ways to leverage them and preserve them. In the end represents the main head of the organizations. Aspect that a College should not be neglected. We are confident, that college administrators cares more about the proactivity of the figuration changes, give preference to Union activities in height, promote enthusiasm in its members, transparently in all those activities that favor him in its operation, exit of the stagnation in which this for years, give step to new infrastructure, dynamic in the academic, research, professional, more meetings, congresses, seminars, update of knowledge and administrative tools, defence rights established under the law of the professional exercise of the Administration in relation to wages to earn; publications, website, surveys its members that really bring dynamism, projection with its actions, activities in favour of what the school should be. So original author and source of the article.