The Beginning

The term creation, employee, does not send exclusively conceived as to the work of art here, but it implies, in addition, the set of theories and mitografas that science and religion have constructed in order to be able to explain the origin of the humanity and the world, which would be something as well as the creation that turns on the creation, where everything formulation about the origin makes arise the question by the thing. Or the verb is placed in the beginning, the significant one or a machine to create, always is the emptiness like the past of the creative subject. Gea and Urano and all the ether to us of different mythologies have the incommensurable function to plug the nothing and the powers whereupon have them to the creation demonstrate, by contrast, the impotence of the knowledge to approach the question of the emptiness that generates all act creative. The omnisciencia, the gift of the eternity, the secret of the death, is clothes whereupon teogonias has embroidered the omnipotent suits of the parents of the knowledge. Plato locates this whole to know in the soul degraded by the forgetfulness in his contact with the human; Freud however is with DAS Ding in the nucleus of the psychic character and from there are things there that are not known, which does not imply that the subject does not try to plug that hole by means of a symbolic series of configurations – imaginary that articulate like creation in the field of the culture – that is correlative of the three forms of sublimation that delimits in the seminary of the ethics : science, art and religion. Sublimation and creation, then, are complementary terms, in the same sense in that they are it metonimia and metaphor, more nonidentical, correspond with the branch of going and return of the pulsin, with death and life respectively.