Surely you have a concept of giving thanks that you have unconsciously acquired according to family values and also the environment in which you were raised. Therefore it is a concept not elaborated voluntarily, but rather accepted as part of a custom or social coexistence Protocol. Did you know that giving thanks is a powerful tool to create a happy family or to succeed in business, or in your community? Few people know this, but when they wake up to the consciousness of the power of Thanksgiving, their lives took a different turn. Thank is a powerful tool for personal growth. It is a way of creating better personal relationships and grow the businesses. You grateful in your business? And in your family, in your relationships in general? Do you know that there is a technique to say thanks? When I say this I do not mean the formal gratitude, thank you for your visit, or thank you for your purchase. But a technique to develop your business and your life. Do many people looking into eyes you gave thank you today? The first symptom of a good appreciation must be pleased to do so, must generate you joy in your heart.

You must respond to a positive mental attitude. Thank in this way creates a situation of joy, and the need for who receives your thanks to repay you somehow. Thank thus contributes to the creation of strongly motivated teams to common success. How many people, when you receive a gift, they say no you’d bothered that of not knowing how to say thank you, who knows thank, has technique to thank, I will say thank you for this gift, for having had time to think deeply in my, appreciation your gift. Thank is a way of giving. Thanks always, regardless of what you receive to change and really as this law begins to operate. You never do with the interest of expect something in return, it will not work.

You must be sincere and generate in you and in the other the pleasure of giving and receiving thanks. You must say it from the heart, clearly. Be careful, many times you will not find the same of the other, NO matter, do you to give and not for receive, that it does not terrorize you or inhibits, appreciated since your self-esteem, strong and clear. Don’t expect anything in return. Thank is an art that very few people develop. As always, an affectionate greeting and thank you. Original author and source of the article