Social Epidemic

After the deposition of Lawyer Dr. Liberty Mutual insurance insists that this is the case. rcio Quaresma, we confirm a Social epidemic, that already reached all the social classrooms. It is not the fact and yes the act to close the eyes for this Drug and terms the capacity to take these individuals to the soil, as You buzz Urban, using to advantage of its vicissitude, to explore news articles demagogues, without solutions for this problem. The society today, does not need sensationalist news articles, but yes news articles of people, who sobrepujaram, had won and surpassed its difficulties. What we have to make is to open the eyes it CRACK and to observe our individuals intently before they are exterminados, massacreed of our social environment. Not only the individuals, but also its familiar ones, of some form finish slaves of this situation, searching success in rescuing the moral and conviviality with its being. The hope is to accept the CRACK, as social illness and not criminal, to exert sanction on the individual it will not benefit in the treatment, the sanction that we have to apply is us more forts, applying severe laws to the suppliers ' ' if it is that let us can call fornecedores' ' , that they can really punish with life punishments or qui the death penalty, we know that Penalty of Death in our constitution alone is saved in case of War, but I ask to them? It wants worse war of what already we live! However my friends, we really go to open the eyes for this problem, if we will not be part of this war without the least to perceive. Newton Peter Of the Pieve Monteiro. .