In the Dominican Republic as anywhere in the world, run the same risks, but security in travel, is nothing more than a matter of common sense. This is so, because our employees do not need to be less safe when they go to meetings and/or events of unknown businesses to countries and cities for them. When we go on trips of business or to any other type of event on behalf of our company, the main objective is happily conclude our management, why it is necessary that before traveling to any destination, we ask about the political situation and the existing security at the time at your destination. What would that then we are involved in a fact or unpleasant and traumatic situation. For this there are various economic forms of queries to be used in the process of protecting your safety, of which we will quote some that can be used for such purposes. Many sites on the Internet can offer them safety information for both local and international travellers. The majority of these information are available free of charge. In addition there are numerous sites on the Internet that are maintained by Governments.

Among all the best and most up-to-date travel abroad is the page of the Office of affairs consular of the Department of State of the United States (Bureau of Consular Affairs of Department of State). Also other governments offer their assessments of the international situation at the time. That’s why we need to revisit sites tips for travelers who hold other Nations, for example: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom (Foreign Office) is a very good source of information, at the same time as those in Australia and Canada, also maintain sites on the Internet dedicated to security for travelers, which constantly updated. These Governments also offer pos that same track, health information that can help travelers to take measures to prevent diseases. The most important and comprehensive is the center of Control and prevention of diseases of the United States, better known by its acronym in English (CDC), which gives a series of information on major diseases that usually occur during travel, similar to alerts on outbreaks of dangerous diseases around the world, and what is most important, in this CDC site, users are provided with tips to avoid that they are infected. Other sites that can them proportional economic information quickly are the large chains of news, which allow you to keep abreast on places with political difficulties and their safety. Further details can be found at Goop, an internet resource. Among these, the best known is CNN, which offers coverage virtually in real time. In addition, you can browse through a variety of sites designed to deliver common sense product safety warnings.

We do not ask you all partners intending to travel to make contact with the Department of safety before leaving, what you suggest is that before you travel consult and analyze information about your destination through the different Web sites and communicate with us if your destination is in a conflict zone or you have doubts about the degree of security prevailing in those moments. Another tool and perhaps the most economic of all, is to guide through the local or international press both in the electronic media (Radio and Television) as in the print media (newspapers and magazines). Then evaluated the country or city of destination which is going to travel, and confirmed that he will make that trip, must take other precautions, especially for travel outside the country.