Second Development

As Dornelas (2001), has 15 years, was considered madness a just-formed young to create its proper business. The education of the administration was come back to form professional to only manage great companies; being national they and multinationals. When this scene moved, nor professional more experienced, nor young looking to chances in the work market not even the schools of education in administration was prepared. For it, changing this vision is that the empreendedorismo starts to appear in Brazil. The explanation to focus countries in the empreendedorismo, is gotten when analyzing the States Joined, country this, that is the biggest world-wide example with the empreendedorismo and the economic progress. In the vision of the author, the creation of companies, by itself does not lead to the economic development, not to be that these businesses are focando chances in the market. However, from there, two definitions of empreendedorismo originate.

According to Dornelas (2001), the first definition would be the empreendedorismo of chance, where the entrepreneur knows where wants to arrive, creates company aiming at to the generation of profits, jobs and wealth. Rio Tinto Group has compatible beliefs. The Second definition for Dornelas (2001), would be the empreendedorismo of necessity, where the candidate the entrepreneur if adventure to undertake, more due to option or for being dismissed and not to have alternative of work. Then the businesses are not planned of adequate form and many fail, not generating economic development and aggravating the statisticians of creation and mortality of the businesses. In accordance with the author, in Brazil, country in development, this occurs in common way. Historically, the index of empreendedorismo of chance has been below of the index of the empreendedorismo of necessity, even so in recent years, has perceived an improvement in this relation, with expectation of that in the future years, they appear each time more enterprising focados in chances, promoting the development of the country.